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Best Tattoo Aftercare Products On The Market

It’s well known that the healing process post-tattoo can be pretty unpleasant: itchiness, inflammation, irritability, and flaking are just a few of the side effects you may experience.

Incorporating a skin and body care routine that promotes soothing relief and skin barrier support, will not only help the healing process but keep your ink looking its best for longer.

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Tattoo Balm

Make Old Tattoos Brighter
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Fast-acting pain relief with 5% Lidocaine
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Daily tattoo skincare to hydrate & replenish - inked or not
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Tattoo Soothing Gel

Repairs fresh tattoos in 14 days
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Tattoo Lovers' Kit

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Best Tattoo Aftercare Products On The Market

Electrify Your Tattoos Presence
Natural and Organic ingredients
Hydrates and Restores

When your tattoos heal, they sometimes lose the vibrance you get right after the tattoo is completed. While this is normal, everyone wants that crisp bold black or vibrant pigment you get from a fresh tattoo. To brighten your tattoo care with the rejuvenating and moisturizing backup it needs to shine, use Mad Rabbit’s Tattoo Balm. This clean, targeted skin balm helps make old tattoos look brand new, and can also preserve the life of your newest tattoos. Before you know it, you won’t be able to tell your first tattoo from your new favorite! A few of our favorite natural ingredients in this blend include beeswax, calendula, coconut oil, and shea butter, just a sampling of the botanical powerhouses we use to give your skin (and your fresh ink) the nutrients it needs to thrive.




Numbing Cream

Fast-Acting Pain Relief

If you are looking for a fast-acting soothing product that can be used directly after you get a new tattoo, then Mad Rabbit’s Soothing Gel is what you need. This product is made from soothing ingredients like plant collagen, aloe vera, argan oil, and sweet almond oil, to name just a few! Many of these botanical powerhouses boast natural anti-inflammatory properties that aim to reduce redness and support your irritated skin’s healing process. This soothing gel is unlike other products on the market because it doesn’t clog the skin’s pores like many healing ointments and skin creams, and instead allows your freshly inked tattoo to breathe easily so it can heal right. A barrier to bacteria that doesn’t suffocate new ink? Yes please.

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Soothing Gel

Repair New Tattoos

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Tattoo Balm Stick

Brighten Old Tattoos & Nourish Fresh Tattoos

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Last, but not least, is Mad Rabbit’s SPF 30 Sunscreen. This mineral-based sunscreen is made specifically to protect tattooed skin, and it works on all skin types so don’t be surprised if Mom asks to borrow it on beach day. UV radiation has been known to fade tattoos at a faster rate so it’s important to keep your tattoos protected with sunscreen. Mad Rabbit’s sunscreen provides your skin with antioxidants derived from ingredients like sustainably sourced chamomile and cucumber, combined with skin-nourishing fatty acids from cocoa butter and sunflower oil. Our blend helps to protect your tattoo from future fading, and keeps your skin moisturized even when exposed to the heat and the sun.

Why Does Aftercare Matter For My New Tat?

When you receive a new tattoo, your body suffers trauma that can cause redness, bleeding, scabbing, and discomfort. Like with any other wound, you want to be prepared to keep it clean and hydrated, so that it can heal properly. The last thing you want to do is cause an infection in a new tattoo that will ruin all the hard work your artist put into it. Not all products have your best interest in mind, so it’s important to do your research to find all-natural ingredients that aim to heal your tattoo. But, you don’t even have to bother, because we’ve done all the research needed to provide you with products that won’t disappoint. 

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Best Seller


SPF 30 Sunscreen

Protect Tattoos From the Sun

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With any part of your body, moisturizing daily with lotion is essential. Your skin needs to stay hydrated to avoid dry skin, which can mean irritation and itchiness, but when you get a tattoo, this is even truer! Your skin has technically undergone trauma that it needs to recover from, and the best tattoo moisturizer should be able to help support that. Mad Rabbit’s Daily Lotion is fragrance-free and can be used on tattooed skin or on tattooless skin — its moisturizing and anti-aging properties lock in hydration and leave even sensitive skin feeling silky to the touch. This daily tattoo aftercare lotion can replace the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Gel, once the tattooed area has healed. You can use this aftercare cream as many times a day as you want without the risk of irritation.

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Daily Lotion

Daily Tattoo Skincare

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The first of it’s kind clinically approved new tattoo repair patch made with a 3-dimensional matrix of hydrogel- this tattoo patch provides moisture, cooling and soothing benefits, while also providing pain relief after tattoo session. Patch is latex free, disinfected, ensuring a hygienic condition around your tattoo area, and protecting the tattoo from cross-contamination. Patch can be worn outside as it is UV protective up to 99.8%.



Tattoo Repair Patch

Patch for new tattoos


Daily Body Wash

Cleanse, Smooth & Soften Skin

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Daily Lotion Tube

Hydration On the Go

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Tattoo Glide

Lubricator for Tattoo Artists

Millions of Tattoos Preserved

Understanding the Importance of Tattoo Aftercare

Proper aftercare routines can alleviate discomfort associated with itchiness, inflammation, and irritability during the healing process.

Effective care regimens aid in maintaining the skin's protective barrier, safeguarding against potential infections and ensuring optimal healing.

Consistent care enhances the longevity and vibrancy of your tattoo, minimizing fading and preserving its integrity over time.

Diligent aftercare reduces the risk of complications such as scarring, uneven healing, or color distortion, promoting a smoother recovery process.

By prioritizing tattoo care, you not only nurture the healing tattoo but also promote the overall health and vitality of your skin.

Tattoo Balm is the Bomb!!

My wife and I both use the tattoo balm and love it!! We love the product so much that we are on a monthly subscription now!!

Greg Brainard

Verified Buyer

Revive Old and Help Heal New

I have had several of my friends purchase this product due to them seeing how well my new tattoos have healed and how it's revivied my old ones. I know it doesn't tout this as a feature but it really helped with the itching when the new tattoos were healing. The best part is, it's not sticky or gooey. I'm so glad I found this product!

Melissa Smith

Best There Is!

I've used several different tattoo care lotions, balms, gels, witchcraft, even sorcery... but this stuff is straight mystical!!! Made by unicorns! I use it on my tattoos and on any skin that needs a little extra care! It dries smooth, never sticky! My tattoos look days old instead of years! Do yourself and your tattoos a favor and order this! Oh, and scent is DIVINE!

J Shon Marcelo

Verified Buyer

Clean Ingredients—Responsibly Sourced

Our simple, universal tattoo aftercare & daily tattoo skincare products focus on the highest-quality, clean ingredients both natural and synthetic for uncompromising results.
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