How I Brightened Up My Tattoo With 4 Easy Tips.

Ever wondered how some people have bright, vibrant tattoos all year long? Now you can get one too, which I promise, will last you for years to come. That sweet shiny glow that makes the ink colors pop does not have to cost you a fortune anymore. Trust me, when I say these are hands down, the best hacks for keeping your tattoo fresh and vibrant.

1. Use a tattoo balm – Do not experiment with moisturizing products for your tattoo. Use a recommended organic tattoo balm like the Mad Rabbit’s natural tattoo aid. This is one of the most reliable products out there, and it is one of the best products I have tried. Mad Rabbit’s tattoo balm is not only easy on your pocket, but also on your tattoo. It is free of ingredients like petroleum and linoleum, which can fade ink pigments faster.  Loaded with the goodness of essential oils like calendula, almond, and lavender; the balm makes the tattoo look vibrant for years.

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2. Exfoliate – we all know that skin collects dead cells over time. The best way to make the skin beneath the tattoo glow is to regularly exfoliate. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when you do exfoliate. Make sure your tattoo is fully healed when you begin your exfoliating routine. Use gentle scrubs with natural ingredients. Use moisturizers like a tattoo balm, that are specifically modulated to hydrate the skin post exfoliation. Do not over-exfoliate. Over-exfoliating removes the pigment of the skin, and that is the last thing you want. Once a week exfoliation, with gentle scrubs and moisturizing thereafter, works best for the skin.

3. Eat more fruits – This one may sound like a bizarre correlation, but trust me. Fresh fruits contain antioxidants which help keep the skin supple and also give it a beautiful glow. They are healthy alternatives to deserts, and a serving of fruits per day will benefit your tattoo in the long run. Not just your tattoo but even your body will thank you, as your face glows day after day. I bet, the color pop on that tattoo will make you smile even more!


4. Check your alcohol consumption - As you age, alcohol consumption will make your skin look dry and the same goes for your tattoo. Drinking in moderation, and being well hydrated while you drink are keys to preventing your skin from looking dull. Consume alcohol mindfully with food. Avoid drinking in the morning, or immediately after a shower, as the skin is most sensitive and dry at this time.

The best way to combat dull and dehydrated tattoo is by regularly applying a tattoo balm like the Mad Rabbit’s natural tattoo aid. This specially formulated balm is designed to bring alive lackluster tattoos, and restore its vibrancy. The combination of moisturizing elements and essential oils; brings forth the most simple and effective solution to make tattoos shine again.

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Lastly don’t forget to wear a smile on your face and flaunt your vibrant, glowing tattoo to everyone you meet!

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