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Tattoo Balm Stick Trial ($8)
Vanessa Laforteza
Super convenient but loose cap

I believe the instructions say to keep upright in storage but I got these so I could much easier apply your balm on the go (I love the original tin but hard to put on on the go). I like to keep one in all my bags and I noticed the lid doesn’t feel secure. Other than that, just as amazing as the original tin balm.

Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm
Christina O'Connor
Best product out there!

Been using the soothing gel for all my tattoo pieces. Healing time has been cut in half and tattoos look amazing!

Great Products!

Tried these out on the recommendation of an artist. I could not be happier with these products. The balm helps healing and leaves each piece looking beautiful. It is nice to know that my tattoo is protected with the sunscreen & I LOVE the feel of the soothing gel. Thanks Mad Rabbit!

Tattoo Balm Stick Trial ($8)

Mad Rabbit Enhance Balm

Best stuff ever, brought 20 year old tattoos back to life! If you have tats you NEED this product you'll be surprised what it will do. Thanks Mad Rabbit!

Best ever

Only product I’m using from here on out!


This numbing cream surpasses all others I have tried. This stuff works great. And the non greasy feeling is a plus!

Numbing cream that works

So yesterday my husband did a new tattoo for me and I used the BEST numbing cream hands down, will definitely be buying it again in the near future lol🤗🤗🤗🖤🖤🖤😍😍😍


Used it to get a tattoo that touched my elbow - historically one of the most painful parts for me - and it was painless! I’m definitely using it again for anything over a bone,

best numbing cream

i used this numbing cream to get my spine tattoo and i could not feel a single thing when it was getting done. turned out beautifully and will definitely be using this again and recommending to everyone i know!

Best product!

One of the best products that Madrabbit is using 🔥🫰🏻

Wow! Try it and BELIEVE

I definitely thought this product was overhyped but decided to try it anyways for my next tattoo and OMFG AM I GLAD I DID. This was the easiest healing process I’ve ever had. I wore tattoo skin the first few days and then started adding this stuff on. Not only did it heal the tattoo flawlessly it also soothed my irritation from the tattoo skin on my surrounding skin!!! My tattoo barely pealed and rarely even felt itchy. BUY THIS NOW YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!

Repair and palm

Great great product

Tattoo Soothing Gel
Lizandro Garbalena

Best product ever! 10/10!!!!

Enhance stick

I got my Enhance stick in today, and is it supposed to be clumpy??? It's like sand and there's no way I can put this on a freshly done tattoo. It's my first time using this product and I'm a little disappointed.

Awesome Product and Company

Love this stuff. Works just like they say. Came quickly and I live in Alaska. I’ll continue to purchase these products.

Tattoo Balm Stick
Julie Moorei
My stick

Love the balm stick. Easy to carry in my purse no matter what size purse I carry. It is wonderful!

Numbing Cream
Zhubin Bigonahy
Works great

Didn’t feel a thing! I do with there was some more detail in the directions as far as how long before to apply. I applied it an hour before and wrapped it and it worked perfectly

Numbing Cream
Jeremy Criscoe

Love the product. It’s made the sessions easier on my skin and can go for longer schedule appointments.

Daily Lotion & Tattoo Balm

Recently purchased the Enhance Tattoo Balm and Lotion. The tattoo balm is amazing, my tattoos look super deep and rich like the day they first healed up! I have yet to find another product that can match the richness of tone for my ink. The balm also will enhance and protect all day, unlike other balms and lotions I have tried this stuff is truly in a class by itself!!! The lotion is thick and absorbs well, all organic, no real scent to speak of so that may tip the scales for some people.

Numbing Cream
Tonya Rosen

Numbing Cream

Numbing Cream
Nikki L.

I’ve been using a different brand for a few years and decided to give Mad Rabbit a try. I love that this is a cream instead of goop. It worked just as well. I’ll be using this brand moving forward.


Had an absolute painless tattoo with this product and will definitely be using it again!

Love it!!!!!

This product is absolutely awesome! My tattoos look brand new when I use it! The letters pop out good. Will continue to use Mad Rabbit!!

Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm

Got part of my sleeve reworked and the soothing gel and tattoo balm are amazing. Definitely will keep using them!