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A Customer's Tattoo Care Journey with Mad Rabbit

When it comes to your tattoos, maintenance is key. Aftercare starts from the minute you get home from the tattoo parlor, but it doesn’t stop there. Sure, the first 48 hours and month are the most important, but what happens after that? From a fresh tattoo, to one that needs to be revived, Mad Rabbit has a holistic healing solution for every step of the way. With a comprehensive tattoo product line offering made with all natural and organic ingredients specifically combined for tattoos, tattoo aftercare is made easy.

Why is tattoo aftercare important? Can’t I just use soap and water to clean it, and use my normal hand moisturizer to keep it smooth? Let’s take a step back. Tattooing is considered a medical procedure, as your tattoo artist is literally putting a needle in your skin. This means that you need to take aftercare seriously, as it’s key to making sure your tattoo heals properly, maintains its vibrancy and prevents premature aging in the years to come. So, where do you begin?

Any tattoo artist will tell you, the first day and 48 hours are critical after you get your tattoo. Your body ink is in a vulnerable state, so following tattoo aftercare instructions is critical to proper healing of your tattoo, and avoiding skin infections. Need a refresher on how to care for your body art during this time? We’ve got you covered with our tattoo timeline. Remember these aftercare tips to best care for your open wound: 

  1. Protect: Keep your bandage on for the first several hours, then wash the tattooed area with fragrance free, antibacterial soap and warm water. There's no need to re-bandage your tattoo, let it breathe. Scabbing is normal and means healing is taking place. Ensure you have clean hands when touching your tattoo
  2. Don’t pick or itch: Avoid the temptation to itch your tattoo or the scabs around it - remember that you’re susceptible to infections during this time period, so it’s best to leave it alone. Avoid applying lotion, vaseline, or coconut oil to sooth the skin or aid the healing process
  3. Stay away from water: Avoid contact with too much water, like going for a swim, hanging in hot tubs or taking a bath. Showering is okay, just be sure to protect the tattooed area 
  4. Avoid direct sunlight: Everyone loves some Vitamin D, but during this critical time it’s important to stay out of the sun to help prevent damage to your skin. Wait until your tattoo is fully healed before applying sunblock

Craving some relief to the area where you got inked? The healing process for a new tattoo can be irritating, especially during the first couple days. Use a thin layer of our soothing gel to alleviate the irritation around your new body art. You’ll feel a cool sensation across your skin, as the gel soothes the irritated area, while providing proper airflow to your ink. One red flag ingredient Mad Rabbit avoids in our soothing gel? Petroleum jelly. The myth that petroleum jelly  (and other healing ointment) aids the healing process isn’t accurate, as it can actually prevent airflow to your skin. Our soothing gel is gentle on sensitive skin, and promotes relief and restoration after your tattoo session. The soothing gel is a sealant, creating a barrier to your skin for healing.

It’s been a month and I think my tattoo is fully healed, aren’t I done with this whole “taking care of my ink thing”? Your body ink is a living, breathing work of art, which means aftercare is ongoing, and doesn’t stop after just thirty days. Let’s look at it this way: how does the iconic artwork of Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O'Keeffe, Claude Monet and Michelangelo (the list is endless) stay intact after hundreds of years? It’s transported to different places all around the world, showcased in museums with thousands of tourists viewing their artwork everyday and somehow still remains beautiful. How? Because it’s cared for with the utmost attention-to-detail, with specific, routine processes to make sure it stays this way. 

The same level of detail should be given to your tattoo, in order to maintain vibrancy and prevent fading, avoid premature aging and preserve your art. You invested time, money and thought into your body art, so tattoo aftercare is your key to ensuring the longevity of your tattoo. So what’s your next step to ensure this? Once your tattoo is fully healed, revitalize, replenish, and preserve your body art with Mad Rabbit’s tattoo balm. Our tattoo balm helps hydrate and restore your body art while keeping your skin nourished. The best part? It enhances both new and old tattoos, bringing out the vibrancy and pigment of your ink. If you’re trying to maintain your tattoo’s electrifying presence, tattoo balm is your partner in crime to help fight the fade. Fighting the fade doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s important to apply our tattoo balm regularly, incorporating it into your daily routine.

Another important aspect of tattoo aftercare that’s often overlooked? Protecting your ink from the harsh rays of the sun. All tattoos are susceptible to sun damage, which we know can lead to premature aging, ink fading, sunburn and worst of all, skin cancer (hello tanning beds). Shield your skin from the sun, maintain vibrancy and color with our all-natural sunscreen before stepping out under harmful UV rays. SPF is also critical when it comes to shielding your skin from sun damage, which is why ours is SPF 30, the ideal protection for your ink.

Remember these three words: Enhance, repair and defend.

  1. Enhance your healed tattoo with our tattoo balm. Apply daily to keep your tattoos looking vibrant, fight the inevitable fade and moisturize the skin around your ink.
  2. Repair your new ink with our soothing gel, the perfect solution for healing tattoos. Alleviate irritation from your new tattoo, and promote restoration to your skin.
  3. Defend your ink by protecting your fully healed tattoo from the sun. Tattoos are susceptible to sun damage, so aid the process by wearing our all-natural sunscreen.

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