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Daily Tattoo Lotion
Kelley ONeal
Love my lotion.

Great product! My tattoos look almost brand new. My only sticking point is the lotion comes out of tube in huge blob. Too much at once. Probably get the pump bottle next time.

Definitely worth the money

The soothing gel is worth every penny! I had a large piece done on my forearm yesterday and after using the soothing gel I can’t even tell it. The balm is great also. Makes new and old ink look amazing

great for more than fresh ink

first of all yes it feels fantastic on a fresh tattoo but also i tried using it on my dry crackly hands (thanks southern california) and duuuuude. game changing. my lizard skin felt so good, literally soothed, as if the angels of moisture kissed my hands themselves. i topped it with a bit on the balm to seal the moisture in and now i feel like a real lady with nice hands 💅


i’ve used several tattoo “refreshing” products and this is by far the best… other ones just hydrate and then disappear. mad rabbit one hydrates, and continues to hydrate longer, since it’s not water based. i think that’s how it keeps the ink looking fresher, longer than just using other moisturizers alone

Amazing product

Keeps my sleeves looking fresh to death! Lol


I just sat for a 3+ hour tattoo on my shin, and I couldn’t have done it without this numbing cream. I still felt some pain in some areas due to not rubbing it out as far as I needed to, but in the most painful areas I felt enough to know it would’ve sucked without the cream. I will 100% use again for painful areas. My artist also was a fan, saying it didn’t create a weird texture to work with like some numbing creams do.

Tattoo balm stick

This is by far hands down the best tattoo balm product I ever used as well as with my numbing cream, I'll definitely be ordering again soon.

Tattoo Soothing Gel
Javier Ramos
Satisfied customer

Very satisfied with the purchase.

Tattoo Balm
Heidi Nielsen
Tattoo Balm

I'm in love with this product!! Can't wait to try the other products as well!

Tattoo Balm
John Jonda

Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm
Lucinda Ogburn
Really works

All my tattoos are black and white, and this made them shine like the first day I got them. 10/10!

Tattoo Balm
Jackie Evans
Christmas gift

All the tattoo cream I got is for Christmas gifts all my kids have tons on tattoos I’m excited to give them it as a gift

Tattoo Soothing Gel
Jeremy Esmundo
Far superior to aquaphor

Doesn’t give me breakouts near the tattoo and it is extremely easy to apply. My tattoo was still itchier than crabs but the aloe helped it not feel so tender and new. By far the best aftercare I’ve ever used, I won’t be using anything else

Mad Mystery Sets
Nicole Miller
Mystery sets are awesome!

This box is like Christmas. You know that you have something and it will be something very cool because of who it is from. Then it is opened and, yep, it is some very cool stuff. Solid. Exciting.

Tattoo Balm
Kylie Gaither

I’m not sure if I’m using it like the instructions say but I love the smell!

Soothing repair gel

I liked it a lot, almost seemed like I didn’t have to even use lotion cause my tattoos didn’t really dry out

Daily Tattoo Lotion
David Matheson

Great product

Tattoo Balm
Wendy Lindars
Awesome balm!

Not only does it smell wonderful but it really does brighten up my older tattoos. My colors pop again!


Definitely cuts down the soreness after getting a tattoo. Have used it on one so far and will use it on all of them from now on. I will say I use it in conjunction with aquaphor. Aquaphor for when I am working and need something for a little bit of a protective layer, but at home, it’s mad rabbit all day.

Tattoo Soothing Gel
Cheyenne Wagner

So this my second purchase of this stuff. I wanted it for a tube that stays home while my other tube stays in my bag for when I go out. My tattoo is now healed, and it made the process like a million times easier. I didn't feel itching very much and when I did if I applied some it went away fast. The color in my tat is still vibrant and even looks better than when it was freshly done. I can't recommend this product more, it's amazing!

Tattoo Soothing Gel
James Terese

Best product out right now hands down. I put it on all my fresh tattoos. My wife and I try to keep stock on this. I recommend it to all.

Tattoo Balm Stick
Gail Gauger
Tattoo Balm Stick

Love this stick !!! Quick & easy to use & makes my tattoo look & feel great !!!

Tattoo Balm Stick Trial ($8)
Christopher Krogman
It was melted

I don’t know how good it would have worked it melted in the heat in our mailbox..

Tattoo Balm
Angely Sullivan
Tattoo Must Have

For every tattoo I’ve used the tattoo balm and everyone noticies the difference. I got a tattoo with my friend months ago and mine looks like it’s been recently done compared to hers. It’s so moisturizing and smells amazing, definitely a must have.

Tattoo Balm Stick Trial ($8)
Christina Andrade
Makes my tattoos look like new

I love this stick balm. Easy to apply and my tattoos look brand new again! I will definitely be buying more in the future!