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Soothing Gel

The Mad Rabbit Difference

The healing process for a new tattoo can be irritating.  Other products contain petroleum jelly, which can prevent proper airflow to your tattoo while it heals. Soothe your new ink with Mad Rabbit’s new Soothing Gel.

Product Information

Apply Daily For First Two Weeks

Clear, See-Through Gel

Enjoy the Cooling, Alleviating Sensation

3.4 oz / 100 ml


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Why our Soothing Gel

Aftercare made easy
Repairs Damaged Skin
Soothes Skin After Session
Gentle on Sensitive Skin
Promotes Relief and Restoration

Maximize Skin Regeneration Process

Prompt use of our Soothing Gel within two weeks of getting your tattoo will lead to significantly less scarring and tissue damage. This is the product to maximize the skin regeneration process after receiving a fresh tattoo.
Cruelty Free

Easy as Open, Squeeze, Apply

Open your tube of Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel
Squeeze the desired amount
Apply gently in circular motions

What’s inside?

All natural, clean ingredients

Aloe Vera

A high antioxidant content stimulates cell regeneration and has immune-boosting effects, especially on sun-damaged skin.

Vitamin C

Aids in cell regeneration and repairs damaged skin. Also encourages collagen production, and premature skin aging.

Argan Oil

Unlike most oils, this one is good for your skin. Argan oil softens and moisturizes the skin to stimulate wound healing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mad Rabbit effective?
Our Soothing Gel utilizes the natural power of vitamin C, sweet almond oil, and Aloe Vera (among others) to immediately reduce scarring and tissue damage when used within 2 weeks of getting your tattoo.
How is Mad Rabbit different from other Tattoo Aftercare Products?
Mad Rabbit uses natural, organic, non-toxic ingredients which are safe for the skin. You will never find parabens or anything artificial in our product.
Does Mad Rabbit work on old and newly healed tattoos?
Our flagship Mad Rabbit Balm rejuvenates and brightens old tattoos.
What kind of tattoos and skin tones does Mad Rabbit work on?
All Mad Rabbit products are made to work on every kind of tattoos and colored skin tones.
What kind of results will Mad Rabbit produce?
With our Tattoo Balm, you will see results right away. There will be no ink discoloration, a more vibrant and protected tattoo, and your skin will be toned for stronger color.
Can I apply Mad Rabbit immediately after a tattoo session?
Our Soothing Gel was formulated specifically for urgent tattoo aftercare. Use in place of other products often recommended for immediate aftercare which are often harmful to the skin’s restoration process.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Anthony Costantino

Soothing Gel

Maynor Reyes

The best product I’ve ever used for after care, definitely using it again

Slater Stender

Results blew me away! Definitely using this for the future.

Martin Mayfield
Great for a new tattoo

Worked very well on my new tattoo and will use it again when I get more work done on my arm

Cool but sticky

I just got a new tattoo last week so I've been using this regularly since then. The first couple of days it burned a little when I applied it, but now it's really nice and cool. The tattoo does seem to be healing quickly as well. My only real issue with it is that the gel is sticky. It doesn't rub in like a lotion and remains sticky for hours. I've been constantly pulling my shirt sleeves out of it for a week.