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Aftercare for Tattoos

How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo

It depends on the size and intricacy of your tattoo for how long it will take to heal. Bigger tattoos will always take long to heal because they cause more stress to your skin.

Day 1

You’ll come home from the artist with a bandage over your tattoo. After a few hours, thoroughly wash your hands and dry them with a paper towel before removing the bandage. You should also ask your artist for specifics about how long to wait.

Once the bandage comes off, they may be fluid oozing from the tattoo. This is blood, plasma and some extra ink. It’s normal. Your skin will also be red and sore. It might feel slightly warm to the touch.

With clean hands, wash the tattoo with warm water and a fragrance-free soap. DO NOT use a washcloth as they can harbor bacteria. Leave the bandage off so the tattoo can heal.

Days 2 to 3

Your tattoo will have a duller, cloudy appearance by now. You will also notice scabs forming, this is because your skin is healing.

Wash your tattoo once or twice a day and apply Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel. When you wash, you might notice some ink running into the sink, but this is just excess ink that’s come up through your skin.

Days 4 to 6

The redness should start to fade. You’ll probably notice some light scabbing over the tattoo. Don’t pick at the scabs.

Continue washing your tattoo once or twice a day. Apply Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel after each wash.

Days 6 to 14

By now, the scabs have hardened and will begin to flake off. Remember, do not pick at them or try to pull them off, they will soon come off naturally.Picking and pulling at them could pull out the ink and leave scars.

At this point your skin may feel very itchy. Gently rub on Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel several times a day to relieve the itch.

If your tattoo is still red and swollen at this point, you might have an infection. Go back to your artist or see a doctor.

Days 15 to 30

In this last stage of healing, most of the big flakes will be gone and the scabs should be going away. You might still see some dead skin, but it should eventually clear up too. The tattooed area might still look dry and dull. Start using Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm until the skin looks hydrated again.

By the second or third week, the outer layers of skin should have healed. It may take three to four months for the lower layers to completely heal. By the end of your third month, the tattoo should look as bright and vivid as the artist intended.

For external use only. Information is provided for educational use; please consult your doctor before using if you are pregnant or have skin sensitivities. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, heal, or prevent any disease. If any adverse reaction occurs, stop using the product and inform your doctor.