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At Mad Rabbit, we’re dedicated to making your tattoos look and be the best they can possibly be. As our product line continues to expand, so does our commitment to a simple, effective and reliable product.


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Tattoo Balm
John Martinez
awesome balm

awesome balm

Soothing Gel
Anthony Costantino

Soothing Gel

Mad Rabbit Monthly
Paul Owen Williams
Stuff works great. Keeps my tats lubricated and looking good.

Great stuff, works well and keeps my tattoos lubricatecd and looking great

Tattoo Balm
Alexys Jacinto Rodriguez



I have been getting tattoos since I was 17 and I’m now 40, so many of my tattoos I initially used this on are anywhere from 17-23 years old.

As a woman of color, I’ve noticed my tattoos look beautiful and vibrant when they’re first done, but about 2 years in, they loose their luster… UNTIL THIS! I cannot tell you how much I love this balm! The pictures I have uploaded show my tattoo after showering and putting lotion on my arms, and the second one being after then all is applied. This tattoo is 13 years old now.

This balm is not greasy and smells so good! I have both the Cucumber and the Vanilla Coconut and they are equally amazing. The Cucumber is an extremely smooth balm while the Vanilla Coconut seems to be more textured. This is totally normal seeing as they use natural ingredients and unrefined coconut is indeed textured. If you are on the fence, TRY IT! Save some money on getting it touched up and use this instead. I highly recommend this product!!!

Good sunscreen

The sunscreen itself is nice. Goes on without a greasy feeling or obnoxious scent. Wish the tube wasn’t metal as it tends to shoot product everywhere once you open it if there is any pressure on the tube.

Great product, bad package

I love the product, it's great, but do not like the metal tube with the screw on lid. Everytime I take the lid off, product oozes out of it.

Tattoo Balm
Patricia Wooley-Guidroz
Love it

Love the texture and the smell my tats look alive

Best aftercare product!!

I have used just about everything to aftercare for my tattoos—the soothing cream is hands down the best product I’ve EVER used. Not thick and hard on the skin and healed my new tattoo QUICK!

Tattoo Balm
Zach Zeppieri
Love this product.

Ive literally now bought 5 in the last month to give to all my tatted friends.

Great product!

I love my Mad Rabbit Tattoo products! The SPF30 really protects my ink without leaving a residue, and the balm has brought new life to some of my older tats, while giving my newer pieces more vibrant color. I use both almost every day and will absolutely continue using these top notch products!!

wish the sunscreen had better packaging

but that's my only complaint. overall it does what it should and that's what's important. of course will buy others but only to compare to this. will buy again.

Caressed ink...

I got recommended these products, because I wanted something that absorbed fairly well and hydrated the skin long after application. Holy wow! Not only does this hydrate the skin and make your tats come alive, but the products made my skin feel like it was being "caressed". Not greasy, or heavy. Incredible ink candy in my opinion. I ordered the 3 balm set to try all of the scents. I can't wait to try the other 2 scents as I looove the coconut one. I do wish you had bigger sizes for the balm tins. Like maybe a special bonus size kit for the 3 scents. I totally would be on it with a quickness! Thank you for your amazing formulations specifically made for preserving our body art. You guys are fricken amazing!

Tattoo Balm
Mariann Fogl

This product is awesome i love it my tattoos are beautiful and the smell is incredible ❤️ Thank you Mad Rabbit ❤️

Tattoo Balm
kenneth strong

Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm
Benjamin Kohlhagen
Really does work!!

I was skeptical of this product but with the affordable price I figured, why not. It really does work. My sleeve is about 8-10 years old. It still looks good but it has dulled a little where the sun always hits it. My wife rubbed it on my whole arm and it actually did make it brighter. Not to mention it smells so good that she wanted to rub it all over. I got Frankincense/Lavender.

SPF 30 Sunscreen

Great products. I use the balm and the spf.

Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm
Erica Z.
Tattoos look brand new... And eczema is gone!

I have tattoos ranging from 10+ years old to 1 year old and Mad Rabbit makes them all look brand new, bright and vivid. It smells so good and sinks into the skin (my husband's main grievance with any lotion) so you don't feel oily all day. He even used it on his eczema and it's all cleared up!!! I've now purchased all the new scents - cucumber is perfect for summer -and can't wait to try them out too. Love this product!

Tattoo Balm
Anastasia Henley
Great moisturizer, adds an extra pop to the art

This balm is great at moisturizering the skin and maintaining a tattoo. The great part is not a lot is needed to properly moisturize. I've been using it on a tattoo that is a couple years old and have noticed a difference. I have gotten into the habit of using it every day to maintain my art.

SPF 30 & Tattoo Balm
michael capobianco
I bought the defense daily product

I love your stuff. This is my second order of ur product. It really makes my tattoos pop.

Tattoo Balm
Steven Thompson
Love it

I really love your balm! Smells great and makes my ink really pop again. I can’t wait to try the new Vanilla Coconut! Already placed my order for that one.

Tattoo Balm
Mitchell Anderson

I like it

SPF 30 & Tattoo Balm
Amanda De Luca

This lotion is amazing! Smells great and feels great on the skin.

It’s great I love it I actually recommend to couple of my co workers