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At Mad Rabbit, we’re dedicated to making your tattoos look and be the best they can possibly be. As our product line continues to expand, so does our commitment to a simple, effective and reliable product.


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Soothing Gel
Zach Geballa
Tattoo review

Tattoo was exactly as expected, and I would definitely order more.

Tattoo Balm
Jason Pyrz
Vanilla Coconut Smells Amazing!

I'd previously been using the frankincense lavender, which was ok, but smelled a little off and sometimes even smelled like fish. My wife hated the smell, and I merely tolerated it because I liked the way the stuff worked (never tried the cucumber because, let's be honest, cucumbers are hideous organisms). When these guys announced the vanilla coconut, I jumped on it and ordered one to see how it was compared to the F/L - after opening the tin, I immediately updated my subscription so that I'll get these in the future. It smells amazing! When I had my wife smell my arm this morning (that sounds a little weird) her exact words were "Ooo! I wanna drink you!" So, I think that's a ringing endorsement.

Tattoo Balm
Toni Kibbee
So nice

I love the way this smells and more importantly I love the way my tattoos react to it. They look very vibrant and colorful and the depth of color has come back. I highly recommend this to all Tattoo enthusiasts.

Great (Full) Product

Love the balm - definitely notice a difference when applied = adds 'life' to the tattoo and keeps the skin healthy.

My only complaint about the sunscreen is that it comes extremely full to the point where when you first open it, you better be prepared to use it. If not, some will be wasted which is not ideal.

SPF 30 & Tattoo Balm
Jennifer Rock
Amazing Stuff!

The tattoo aid is spot on! My tattoos look amazing and every time I am out after putting this on, I get comments on how awesome they look.

The sunscreen works great! :)

Tattoo Balm
Jeff Lusk
Amazing stuff

I had tried the balm and loved it, so when I planned another tattoo, I wanted the soothing gel. This stuff is amazing. No itching, no pain, no horrible odor like some other companies. Really impressed.

I also ordered more balm, in the new vanilla and coconut, and this stuff works as well as the original, but smells so much better. Really like this new scent.

Tattoo Balm
Jeff Carl
Best stuff ever

This is my first color ink…I am super stoked to have a product that makes the color stand out. I am a fan. I am also on my second order.

SPF 30, Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm
Jamie Glenn

Love all the Mad Rabbit products and guaranteed customer for life 😃.

Love the product

SPF 30, Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm
Kathy Armstrong
Happy ink

Very pleased. Thank you


I love everything you sent me! The soothing gel is amazing. Now I can’t wait to try the tattoo balm in the new scent. I will definitely be ordering more of EVERYTHING!!

Best product ever

It really really works !!! I really can’t get enough of it makes my tattoos look super vibrant.

SPF 30 Sunscreen
Brandon Caliendo
Product is excellent, packaging a bit messy

I love the sunscreen so far, it’s been perfect. Only problem I’ve had is the cap often gets covered in sunscreen when removing and it’s a bit difficult to get back on. Not so much when home but especially when im reapplying at the beach, park, etc. so I’ve needed something to clean it off afterward, just a mildly annoying extra step. Otherwise the sunscreen itself has been wonderful.

Really helped rush the healing process

This stuff(the soothing gel) is sticky, as the reviews say, but less sticky than Aquaphor (and not greasy!) It works fantastic. My tattoo consists of over 60 colors and covers my entire upper leg. I used the Repair twice a day, morning and night and cleansed it with a gentle cleanser 3x a day. I did not use any other product and the itchiness was mild, and peeling only took a couple days. I know every one is different but this stuff was a godsend for me! My tattoo isn't even 4 weeks old and looks so beautiful.

Tattoo Balm
Pamela MacConnell
Best ever!

This stuff is amazing!! My color is vibrant on tats I just got and ones I've had for years!

Love this stuff!

The sunscreen is great. Clean ingredients and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. My go to in the summer months.

Tattoo Balm
Alicia Clark

Tattoo Balm

SPF 30 Sunscreen
Steven Garza
Not greasy!!!

Holds up in heat, hiking, and other activities. I would say for more than half the day

All good ingredients

Great stuff & smells great!

My wife likes the shirt. I wish you had sizes for those of us that are on the bigger size.

SPF 30 Sunscreen
Awesome product

The balm and the sun block are the best products for tattoos. I can't wait for my 2nd order to come. If I really like the vanilla and coconut balm, I'm giving my oldest brother the balm cucumber and melon. He was impressed how his tats looked.

SPF 30 & Tattoo Balm
Taylor Finch

SPF 30 & Tattoo Balm

I have very sensitive skin. Their products is not harsh on my skin and my tattoos still looks good.