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Tattoo Balm
Amanda Turner
Absorbs Fast & Leaves My Skin Smooth

I have a delft blue/porcelain inspired half sleeve that takes a lot of care and protection to keep looking nice. This is the first ink enhancer that I didn’t need to dab off the excess like a greasy slice of pizza. Smells great and even got my bf to start using it on his ink too!

Always helpful

This my second year I've use this year since me and wife started our sleeves journey. My wife is a type 1 diabetic and the soothing gel really helps her with sensitive skin and slow healing process I really love this product and brand best out there!!!!!

Perfect travel size companion

The lotion is amazing. Non greasy and provides the perfect amount of moisture. I use it all over my body. I highly recommend this to everyone. It’s for all skin types. Fragrance free 🙌🏼

SPF 30 Tattoo Sunscreen
Anthony Sanchez
The best!

The best sunscreen I have ever bought! It doesn’t even stain clothes like other sunscreens!

Love it

Great step in aftercare

I got two packs of these patches to use over the first few days of healing my first color tattoo. I wanted something to protect it since I would be returning to work the next day. This was a huge help in comfort with the cooling it provided, as well as keeping it clean and protected. It definitely starts getting dry over the 8 hours so it for sure requires patience when dampening it before removing. I found taking a shower the easiest way. I wouldn't say it sped up the healing time overall but it did make the first few days way easier to manage and more comfortable. I would definitely recommend and will use them again on my next round.

Why can't I get it in cucumber scented anymore

I love the product, but I want the cucumber

Numbing Cream
Mark K Williamson
Best thing to happen to tattoo care!

I used this for the first time a few weeks ago and it worked wonderfully! I applied it a little over a hour before my appointment and wrapped it in plastic as directed, and I barely felt any pain for the first hour of my session. Another interesting effect is that there was much less bleeding and less scabbing afterwards. I’m going to use this every time I get inked, it’s amazing!!

Numbing Cream
Michael Ledoux
Great product

It’s a great product. If you’re getting small 1-2 hour session tattoos it’s amazing. Unfortunately for me, my sessions are a little more intense with deep saturation and layering. The first hour tho I feel almost nothing.

SPF 30 Tattoo Sunscreen
Sharon Crabill

This sunscreen goes on easy and absorbs fast. I have a lot of color on my sleeve so very choosy about my sunscreen. This 💩works great to keep out the damaging rays. 10/10

Numbing Cream
Leann Wenger
Not used yet

Will be using Friday the 22nd

Tattoo Lovers' Kit
Kai Kenyettie
Best bang for your buck

Everything you need to take excellent care of your first or new tattoo!

Works like a charm!

I used this on my calf and barely felt the pain. Highly recommend shaving the area and thoroughly washing and applying with some extra force BEFORE wrapping to ensure the area is numb! I use it mainly for my artist so that I am not wincing from pain or twitching and my artist greatly appreciated it!

Tattoos as Beautiful as First Day

Mad Rabbit products have helped me keep my tattoos colors as vibrant as the first day I received them!

Tattoo Soothing Gel
Chyanne Foresman
My favorite product to use for the healing process!

The tattoos I have used this gel on have all had the most amazing healing results.
Low scabbing, barely any itch and stays moist for a pretty good time! And always looks so vibrant with color after.
I order it every time now for every tattoo.
Seriously, my favorite stuff to use.


This lotion is very very amazing my tattoos are looking like I just did it yesterday without the discomfort of irritación excellent lotion wonderful

Good daily sunscreen

I like how much this sunscreen just feels like a nice lotion. Protects your tattoo with zinc oxide without turning it a chalky white color. It’s a great daily sunblock.

Hopeful restock

I am really hoping they restock this, I really love the design but everything is already sold out.

Healed quickly!

My tattoo healed super quickly and very well.

Tattoo Balm
Star Darned
No irritants!

As someone who has sensitive skin/clients with even more sensitive skin, I love that I can trust this product. It doesn’t have any strong added smells or dyes, and melts easily in your hand. Definitely will be continuing to use both personally and recommend to clients.

Tattoo Balm Stick
Kenneth Walson
Best product if you have tattoos

Not only does this balm brighten your tattoo, it also smells amazing, been using the tattoo balm for years now. The mini tubes are convenient for when you're on the go

Tattoo Balm
Sherwin Balladares

Great product I would recommend it

Numbing Cream
Anthony Facompre
Possible operator error

I was very excited to try this for the first time this week on a new tattoo. It’s very possible that I didn’t add enough as the directions didn’t specify how much to use, because I felt every little bit of the tattoo. Possible 5 stars, but won’t know for sure until I glob on a hefty amount next tattoo. Also slightly disappointing for how much I spent for an only half filled container and you can see on the bottom that it’s just an illusion of how big it is from the pictures. If I apply how much I think that I need, I may only get two uses out of this container.

Tattoo Balm
Andrea Dupuis

Husband was skeptical but we love it!

Tattoo Balm
Juan Ramirez

Tattoo Balm