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Numbing Cream
Stevie Couch
Works for a short while

I purchased this out of curiosity. I put it on my forearm as instructed. I wasn’t sure how much pain there would be. My tattoo was from my wrist to just above the bend in my elbow and wrapped around my inner forearm. Very dainty. I believe the effects wore off maybe an hour in. It was never a strong numbness feeling. I will use it on my next tattoo whatever that may be just out of curiosity.

Both were a godsend!

Numbing cream did it’s job. I applied, wrapped the area with plastic wrap, an hour later I was more than ready for my tattoo! The soothing gel felt like cooling and really helped with pain relief 🥲


I’ve ordered almost everything and love it all! The coconut body wash is bomb! Lotion feels amazing! Would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Honest Review

I Really love this Product and it Works So well!! I have been Looking for a Good aftercare Tattoo Product for so long and I Finally Found it!

Tattoo Soothing Gel
Julius Wright
Love their products

This Soothing Gel is fantastic. I've used it after each session and my ink healed great. I highly recommend it. Follow the 2 week program and you will have great results too!

Awesome stuff

Numbing Cream
Corinne Marie Kochan
Pretty good!

This product is amazing! Especially if you follow the instructions I.e an hour prior to session apply and wrap area. I had a two and a half hour session and my pain-o-meter didn’t really start going off until halfway through! Definitely a lot easier to sit through than when I didn’t have any numbing cream. Definitely will buy again when I run out!

Tattoo Balm Stick
Olivia Andujar

I’ve used this product many times on myself and others I’ve tatted, and they always love the way it makes it look!!

Tattoo Balm
Michael Rivera

Best lotion for the skin and tattoos !

Numbing Cream
Marie Del Fierro
Definitely Worth It

Definitely using again and buying more as soon as I’m running low. I didn’t put the plastic wrap on properly (my fault and my fault alone) so I felt my tattoo a teeny tiny bit in some spots. However, it was not as bad as it would have been without the numbing cream.

The spots I could feel were maybe a 6.5/10 others were a 2/10 and most of it was a 0/10 on the pain scale for me. Especially the spots that I actually had the cream on properly. But again, that was my fault for not putting in the plastic wrap on properly.

I only put the plastic wrap on top of the cream for an hour like it’s recommended. I would do an hour and 15 minutes for me. And make sure the plastic wrap is on the skin properly, don’t be like me and not check if it’s on there right.

I have even convinced my mom to get this cream and a few friends because it’s definitely worth it.

Tattoo is a sternum/underboob tattoo. It’s on maybe the last 4 inches of my sternum and ribs and right underneath my areolas actually on the breasts.

Tattoo Balm Stick
Sage Lambert

It’s an amazing product, I used it and loved it. My mom used it and her tattoo is 15+ years old and she used it once and it looked like she got it some days ago! Amazing 10/10 recommend!!!

Lotion, SPF 30 & Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm
Valerie Anctil-Souza

Not only great an your tats, but it's perfect for nails and cuticles. A winner!

Amazing product

Prior to my most recent piece I’ve only had small 1 hour pieces. I tried the numbing cream prior to my thigh tattoo and it turned what would have been a 3 hour session into 6. My artist said she was impressed and said I sat like a rock. You don’t need the pain to “earn” your tattoo, you PAID for it, you earned it, and when it’s over NO ONE will know it you did or didn’t use it. Try it, you won’t be sorry, and your artist will appreciate a client who sits still.

Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm
Laurie Marthaller
soothing gel & balm

my son recieved his 1st tattoo and I wanted to make it all around positive, so the products Mad Rabbit provides helped me deliver. these products will be a staple in our house as we move forward with our tattoo process

SPF 30 Tattoo Sunscreen for bundle

It’s works

I forgot to use it before my appointment, time just got away from be, but I rushingly smeared some on about, maybe 30 mins before my appointment and wrapped with plastic wrap. It totally works! So I can only imagine how a proper application would do! It just takes the ZING away. Will use again and now have a loyal customer.


I’ve used this twice and it feels so good. Everything else I’ve tried has been thick, hurts to apply, and I can feel it messing with the fresh scabs. This is lightweight and helps the itch. And it has no fragrance which is great because everything else smells for hours and we all know fragrance is frowned upon for healing.

Tattoo Soothing Gel
Danica Taylor
Tattoo aftercare

I’m so impressed with this product. It made my tattoo healing process so much easier & no itchy skin! Definitely going to be ordering more products from this company!

Numbing Cream
brandon rohwer
Worked as promised

Loved this product and will definitely be buying it again when I run out. Numbing the tattoo area for almost two hours.

Tattoo Lovers' Kit
Adrienne Webb

You have done it again! Handy, easy to travel with and compact! Makes it easy to be on the go all the time!

Numbing Cream
Hussein Mirza

Customer service was great but the product itself was useless - didn’t numb anything. The team were great after I contacted them, so not a terrible experience overall

Numbing Cream
Veronica Villanueva
Honestly blown away

I used this to help with a color session on my ribs. First time using it so I think I can be better about application in the future, but there were areas that should have been 15/10 painful and all I felt was the pressure of the tattoo gun.

Tattoo Balm Stick
Missy Henning

I Love this stuff


I do not like the cleansing bar. Not enough lather for me. It doesn’t feel like I am getting clean. Exfoliating bar is awesome. I like the two different sides.