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At Mad Rabbit, we’re dedicated to making your tattoos look and be the best they can possibly be. As our product line continues to expand, so does our commitment to a simple, effective and reliable product.


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Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm
Marcus Chronabery
Love the soothing gel

I started using the soothing gel 2 days after getting some fresh ink and immediately calmed my skin. It helped my skin bounce back faster than just lotion, and it really helped with the itching that comes with healing skin. 100% recommend and I'll be getting more for my future tattoos.

Tattoo Balm
Ruth Conde
Works well

It's a nice balm. Made my tattoo more brighter in color

SPF 30 & Tattoo Balm
Cynthia Vasquez

SPF 30 & Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm
Gus Mama
Definitely makes a difference

The Vanilla Coconut Enhance Cream works well. It definitely brightens up my color and b&w tattoos better than anything else I have tried. It also smells amazing. My one negative is it doesn't all 'soak in' even when using a small amount. I just apply it at a time I can sit still for a bit and then dab off any excess before moving around (otherwise it will rub off on clothes, furniture, ect).

Tattoo Balm Set
Erick Perez
Love the balm it is great

Really love the balm works great for me. Really looking forward to using your other products.

Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm
Michelle Hirahara

By the time I got it the tatto had pretty much healed already. But it did stay moisturized for about 6 hours at a time. It also makes it look really nice and clean. I look forward to testing out the soothing part for my next tattoo.

SPF 30 & Tattoo Balm
Jennifer St. Denis
Definitely a staple on my beach vacations!

I bought the SPF and balm for my beach vacation. Needless to say, I'll be buying another tube because all my friends decided it was the best thing ever and it's gone! I used it on my tattoos and face with no fading, burning or dryness. This product is not just for tattoos but for any sun exposure.

SPF 30 Tattoo Sunscreen
Marcia Horrigan
Awesome lotions

Love love love these lotions

Tattoo Balm
Luis Gonzalez
Wonderful product at affordable price!

Had a buddy recommend this product and within 1 week I could see the results of my tattoo standing out a lot more. Love this stuff!


They really work well to make my back piece more vibrant. Smells nice too!

Soothing tattoo love balm

I received the soothing gel and the tattoo balm, and I love it! Helped my tattoo heal faster and the balm has kept it moisturized. PS the gel is also great as an after-sun exposure, found that out by accident but totally awesome!

Daily Lotion
Janie Wilson
Had to get a replacement for a damaged bottle

I ordered a bottle of tattoo lotion, and when I received it it was busted and the lotion was everywhere. I contacted the company and explained what happened and sent them pictures. They replaced my order free of charge and I received the new bottle yesterday! The did a awesome job with customer service and I tried the product last night on my tattoos, it is wonderful.

Tattoo Balm
New to the products

Just received my starter pack. Soothing gel is great and the sunscreen works well. My only problem is the balm (which I was excited about) seems to be dried up. It is very grainy and hard to apply

No quiero mas ordenes porfavor no se ordenen ustedes mismos xq no los quiero

Tattoo Balm
Lisa Greenwood
Vanilla coconut enhance

I really like this product. It really keeps my tattoos moisturized and makes the ones that are nearly 40 years old much brighter and keeps my newer tattoos bright and colorful as well.

Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm

Daily Lotion & Body Wash
Nicole DeGroodt
Love it

Best lotion to brighten old & new ink hands down!

Tattoo Balm
John Woodburn
Awesome stuff!

The balm has helped bring a couple older tattoos back to life!

Refresh Daily Body Wash
Jeremy Stalker
Nice wash. Leaves skin happy

Doesn't dry you out or leave gunk on your skin. Don't need much to wash either. Only complaint? The scent. Sorry, the coconut vanilla smells like a poor quality candle. Maybe something less sweet? Pine? Lavender?

Tattoo Balm
Terri Faria
Amazing product

I tried the tattoo balm & not only does it work amazingly and smells incredible!

Tattoo Balm
Tracy Norris
Love the smell!

Great stuff! Feels so good on your skin and brought my old tats back to life. The lavender and frankincense are a soothing smell, not too strong. I would love a candle that smells like this. Quality!

Tattoo Balm
Telly Carter

Tattoo Balm

Love this stuff!!

I especially love the balm!! The lotion is great. Can't wait to try the sunscreen and the recovery one!

Good stuff

Always good stuff. Wish the daily lotion had a scent, but the body wash is bomb.


Amazing stuff!!! This stuff is awesome!!! Totally obsessed with this!!!