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At Mad Rabbit, we’re dedicated to making your tattoos look and be the best they can possibly be. As our product line continues to expand, so does our commitment to a simple, effective and reliable product.


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Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm and Soothing Gel

Soothing gel lived up to the hype. Used it well after my tattoo healed up.

Not sure about this…

I guess I’m the only person to use this gel and it burn like fire. I tried it day of my new tattoos and it literally burned and I wanted to scream. I had to wash it off right away. It caused burning and made it turn bright red around it. I will give it another try now that it has been a couple of days but it was a no go on the first day. So day 3 is so much better!

Tattoo Balm
Christopher Ramirez
The balm is bomb!

Best product out for for keeping your tattoos look brand new

Amazing product!

I have been getting tattooed for over 30 years, and have tried just about every product for healing. This stuff is amazing! It has cut my healing time in half, and I am a customer for life.

Gel & Tattoo Balm 🥥

If you really love your tattoos get this product, your tattoos will love you back. Keeps your ink fresh and healthy from fading away, crazy how the Gel keeps ink smooth and how it pops out giving it a fresh touch.

Perfect for new tattoo!

This is the first time I’ve been able to use the soothing gel since it debuted. It is absolutely amazing! Kept my new ink hydrated looking good through the healing process. I can also say it sped up my healing. It has been 10 days since I got my tattoo and it is almost completely healed. It’s just simply great stuff. Once it is completely healed I will be using the Mad Rabbit balm to keep it looking crisp like all my other ink.

Love This Stuff!

My wife and I recently got our first tattoos and decided to give your products a try. I ordered the vanilla tattoo balm and soothing gel directly from your website (Amazon was out of the vanilla balm at the time). The balm smells amazing and the gel goes on nice and smooth. She loves it so I bought her 3 more vanilla balms for Christmas. My only wish is that you made the balm in a bigger size. 1.7oz is kinda small.....maybe a 5oz size? :) Thanks for a great product!

Amazing Product

After finishing one of my tattoos, I applied the soothing gel, it gives you relief and the finish product is a sticker looking Tattoo.....

Tattoo Balm
Matt Lyon
Fabulous product

I don’t use it every day like I thought I would. It does bring out the details in your tattoo. Will purchase again and will be looking into other products as well

Fantastic Product & Company

Every product is a hit! I have very sensitive skin and all three products’ formulas go on without any irritation and leave my skin softer and tattoos more vibrant. I chose the vanilla & coconut balm and the scent is pleasant yet subtle. Very impressed with the soothing gel; not sticky whatsoever, has a great consistency and melts into the skin.

Customer service team is absolutely wonderful as well. I decided to cancel my subscription and a representative personally reached out to me to discuss the decision. They were quick to respond, informative, and helpful.

Highly recommend this brand!


Can’t believe how nice and soft my tattoos feel after using it and holy shit, it brightens them!

Tattoo Balm
John McFarland
Works just as advertised.

Love the look AND smell. Bought one of each flavor for me and the Mrs. to try out. And are excited to keep using it.

It’s wonderful it’s the greatest thing I ever had

Tattoo Balm
Mad Rabbit balm is the best

I use the Frankincense & Lavender balm like a fiend - it's the absolute best product of its kind. I've tried all of the popular (and at times predatory - *cough Lucky 13 and their marketing practices cough*) tattoo aftercare brands, and Mad Rabbit is the best. I use the sunscreen and soothing gel for every tattoo as well!

Tattoo Balm
Jose Ochoa
Great tattoo balm

As it says is the description its not oily, i has to admit i had my doubts when i saw it but no i wasn’t oily at all it comfortable to have on you can’t even tell. It also does make your tattoos pop a lot more and i just started using it and noticed a good difference. Will definitely keep using it. Its a good product definitely recommend. Great job Mad Rabbit!!

Tattoo Soothing Gel
Terri Phillips
Awesome product

I love this gel
Perfect for new tattoos!!!

Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm
James Cooper III
Customer for life

I'm glad I took the chance on these products. Started getting inked again after an 18 year hiatus and am a firm believer in these products. Will be a customer for life!

Amazing product!!!!

I recently got my first take which required multiple sessions to complete. I used the soothing repair gel throughout the sessions and each time I went it the tattoo artist was very impressed with how well my skin healed between each session. I really like how both the gel and balm do not leave my skin feeling greasy, making it clothing friendly. I work in an office and have to dress nice every day so it's important for me to be able to wear it and not ruin my nice clothes. I use the balm everyday and really like how it smells. I have constantly been recommending Mad Rabbit to friends since I started using it. Definitely a product I will continue to buy myself and also gift to friends. I would love to help rep your company with a T-shirt.....I wear a Men's XL. Thank you, have a great day.

Tattoo Soothing Gel
Everett Squire
Soothes and heals

Works as advertised. Slightly more sticky compared to plane aloe Vera. Absorbs into skin easily and spreads over a large area with a small amount. It’d be nice to be able to buy MadRabbit in stores.

Tattoo Balm
Lucas N.
Great product!!

It works beautifully at caring for the tattoo and giving it a crisp look. It also smells amazing!!

Tattoo Balm
Samir Gautam

It works and brings the tattoo to life. Great product.

Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm
Philip Spiro
Love this product

I’ve been using the tattoo balm for a couple of months on my older tattoos and have seen an improvement. The colors are looking better.

Tattoo Balm
Alexandra Woods
Calendula should not be used on tattoos

As a tattoos herbalist, let me tell ya- calendula is wonderful but it should not be used on tattoos. It speedily heals tissue and can make your ink fade during the healing process. (Learned from research after a personal experience) Honestly so many products tout herbal ingredients and have such a low amount of them, the efficacy is compromised. So maybe it’s okay in such a small dose? I would keep it simple and not risk fading your tats with strong herbs like calendula.