Free Shipping On US Orders Over $50

Free Shipping On US Orders Over $50

Free Shipping On US Orders Over $50

Free Shipping On US Orders Over $50

Free Shipping On US Orders Over $50

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Tattoo Aftercare is very important to preserve your best work. Let’s work together to preserve your client’s new art and assist in the healing process.

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Soothing Gel

$9 $23

Best for new tattoos:

Helps Heal New Tattoos In 14 Days

Soothes Redness & Visible Irritation

Instant Cooling Sensation

Lightweight Hydration

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Best Seller

Numbing Cream

$10 $26

Best for tattoo sessions:

Provides Fast-Acting Pain Relief

Numbs Areas of Irritability

Absorbs Quickly Without Greasiness

Calms Visible Skin Inflammation Including Redness

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Best Value

Tattoo Glide

$10 $25

Best for tattooing your client:

A Clean, Natural Lubricant For the Tattoo Process

Provides Anti-inflammation Support to The Client

Superior Glide Application

Tattoo Artist Approved

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Formulated for healthy skin and vibrant tattoos.






Why Mad Rabbit

Why Soothing Gel

Our Soothing Gel utilizes the natural power of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps support natural collagen production, which is essential for healthy skin regeneration. Sweet almond oil and Aloe Vera (among others) are rich in fatty acids and vitamins that help to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Why Numbing Cream

This maximum strength, 5% Lidocaine treatment cream quickly numbs skin to deliver fast-acting pain relief to affected areas. A combination of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredients and lightweight hydrators support skin’s natural barrier to soothe irritability and promote optimal skin function: both surface and below.

Why Tattoo Glide

Formulated for the tattoo artist community to support them as a lubricant for skin during the tattoo process, while also providing anti-inflammation support to the client. Made with all natural + vegan ingredients for the cleanest client experience. 

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4.67 Stars from over 1,000,000 Customers

  • If you are looking to get a tattoo first time or 100th time BUY THIS PRODUCT. I just finished up a half sleeve inside arm pit did not fill a thing. I compare it to when the dentist numbs your mouth or stitches.. NUMB AS HECK!! Worth every penny. My tattoo artist stated that she was able to finish much faster due to this cream. "

    Shena D, 3 Days Ago

  • This gel is literally a miracle worker. I just got a tattoo on a Friday and immediately starting using the soothing gel. By Saturday there was zero redness or swelling and minimal pain. Today is Sunday and there is still no redness or swelling and all pain is gone. My tattoo is already starting to itch so I know it’s healing quickly. If only this helped with the itching!

    Casey, 3 days ago

  • "I have been working on a sleeve for 5yrs now and this last 3hr session was my first with numbing agents. Well it was time for the ditch and under arm :( Used this brand thick layer covered with plastic wrap 2 hrs before apt. Let me say I didn't feel a thing. Sat through the whole thing no issue no pain. I will never get a tattoo with out this again. It amazing and worth every cent."

    Tiffany G, 5 days ago

  • "This stuff is amazing! very smooth consistency applies very easily. Doesn't gum up your tips. It has a low melting point so you will need to keep that in mind as you use it. But Over all very nice!"

    Jason W, 3 months ago


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“I can confidently say that having Mad Rabbit in my shop, helped increase the amount of people coming through. Customers trust Mad Rabbit and so do I”

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