• SPF 30, Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm
  • SPF 30, Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm
  • SPF 30, Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm
  • SPF 30, Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm

Starter Pack

SPF 30, Soothing Gel & Tattoo Balm

The Mad Rabbit Difference

Revitalize, replenish, and preserve your body art with the hottest tattoo balm on the market. Effective on both new & old tattoos.

Product Information

Tattoo Balm

SPF 30

Soothing Gel


Choose Balm Scent:


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What’s in the Pack

Everything you need for your tattoo aftercare

  • SPF 30

Electrify Your Tattoos Presence

Moisturizes and Nourishes

Keeps Your Tattoos Healthy

Hydrates and Restores

Shields Your Skin From the Sun

Fights Premature Aging

Prevents Skin Discoloration

Hydrates and Restores

Repairs Damaged Skin

Soothes Skin After Session

Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Promotes Healing and Restoration

What’s inside?

All natural, clean ingredients

Helps with tissue regeneration and softens the skin.

Carrot Extract

Vitamin E


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Angelique Aviles
Great product, bad package

I love the product, it's great, but do not like the metal tube with the screw on lid. Everytime I take the lid off, product oozes out of it.

Brent Blake
Best aftercare product!!

I have used just about everything to aftercare for my tattoos—the soothing cream is hands down the best product I’ve EVER used. Not thick and hard on the skin and healed my new tattoo QUICK!

Jeremy Levine
Great product!

I love my Mad Rabbit Tattoo products! The SPF30 really protects my ink without leaving a residue, and the balm has brought new life to some of my older tats, while giving my newer pieces more vibrant color. I use both almost every day and will absolutely continue using these top notch products!!

Di Smith
Caressed ink...

I got recommended these products, because I wanted something that absorbed fairly well and hydrated the skin long after application. Holy wow! Not only does this hydrate the skin and make your tats come alive, but the products made my skin feel like it was being "caressed". Not greasy, or heavy. Incredible ink candy in my opinion. I ordered the 3 balm set to try all of the scents. I can't wait to try the other 2 scents as I looove the coconut one. I do wish you had bigger sizes for the balm tins. Like maybe a special bonus size kit for the 3 scents. I totally would be on it with a quickness! Thank you for your amazing formulations specifically made for preserving our body art. You guys are fricken amazing!

John Balistreri

It’s great I love it I actually recommend to couple of my co workers