5 Tips To Heal New Tattoos

1. Do not touch your tattoo with messy hands – This sounds obvious, but many people appear to overlook how dirty their hands can be. Keep in mind, this is an open wound that has a risk for infection for the initial 5-7 days. 

2. Do not use fragrance/ alcohol-based soaps – They contain ingredients that can irritate your skin during your tattoo's healing phase. These Artificial fragrances cause rashes, irritation, and itching. Alcohol-based products irritate open wounds and will dry out your tattoo, leaving it at risk of damage and bad healing. You can substitute with Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel for an effective result.

3. Do not wash or scrub your tattoo with a cloth – only use clean hands to wash your tattoo when it's healing. In a circular motion, gently rub the area with room temperature water and anti-bacterial fragrance-free soap, then rinse off with room temperature water. Use a clean cloth/ towel and gently pat the tattoo area dry. After, use Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel for the best results.

4. Do not use petroleum or mineral oil-based products – Some of these products are Vaseline and Aquaphor. and many more. Petroleum or mineral oil-based products will suffocate your skin, stop your tattoo from breathing and may cause acne. These also have ingredients that can actually draw ink out from your tattoo.  If your artist recommends any of these products, you might want to think twice and tell them about the Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel you use.

5. Do not use excess lotion – Please do not smother your new tattoo with excess lotions. This might prevent your skin from breathing and slow down the healing process of your tattoo. When using Mad Rabbit Tattoo Ointment, only apply a thin layer; but multiple times per day, to keep your new tattoo hydrated and moisturized. 

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