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Newsletter 49

Whether you’re new here or returning, welcome! Can you believe it’s already July? Time flies! I hope you all are doing well.

Lately, I've been feeling incredibly grateful for our community—not just the concept of community in general, but specifically ours. Building this program with all of you has been more rewarding than I ever imagined. From your challenge submissions to our emails, Discord messages, and meeting you at conventions, I feel a genuine connection with each of you. You're not just ambassadors; you're friends who inspire me to grow and strive to be better every day, for all of us.

I hope you feel this connection too! Whether through our digital and physical events, newsletters, or social features, our goal remains to strengthen our community and foster connections among you. Making friends as adults can be challenging, but thanks to this program, we're already bridging that gap. We're a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for tattoos and their care. Let’s embrace our uniqueness, support each other, and continue making an impact on the tattoo industry and in each other's lives (yes, I mean it, even if it sounds cheesy!).

Today’s newsletter is packed with updates, so let’s dive right in! Be sure to read till the end so you don’t miss any opportunities to win big this month.

Oh, and one more thing... Last year, I reminded everyone to be cautious with fireworks to protect their tattoos, and thankfully, everyone stayed safe. Call me superstitious, but I’m going to say it again this year. Please stay safe, everyone! 🎆🎇

Important Updates:

  • Inkcarceration 2024 - Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce that we’re a sponsor for the Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival in Mansfield, OH, from July 19-21, and this year, we’ll have our very own booth! This festival is particularly special as it takes place at the historic Ohio State Reformatory, famous for being the filming location of "The Shawshank Redemption."

    Join us to experience flash tattoos by our sponsored artists Trevor Mcquade and Zakk Powers. To book a session with either artist, please sign up here.

    Additionally, sponsored artist Cam Magers will be present with his studio, Ink Element. Check out his work here.

    For more information on the festival lineup and to purchase tickets, visit Inkcarceration Festival's official website. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Ambassador Reward Sneak Peek Update - In the last newsletter, I left you with a puzzle to solve to unlock a clue about our next ambassador reward. The first person to solve and guess the puzzle correctly would win the reward. Shoutout to Ambassador Sara Timberlake, who solved the puzzle just 9 minutes after the newsletter went out! 🤯

    For those who couldn’t quite figure it out, the puzzle was a Caesar cipher with a shift of 13. Shifting each letter in the coded message results in:


    Then, un-mirror the text to reveal the clue: “I have no pockets and I can carry all your belongings.” Any idea what it is? We’ll unveil the design in our next newsletter!

    We had a blast with this, and you can count on more puzzles like this in the future. Rest assured, they'll be even more challenging next time! 😂

  • SPF Stock Update - Thanks to your ambassadorial efforts, our SPF is still sold out on our website. But don’t worry—you can still shop our 100% mineral SPF at Walmart and on Amazon. If those sell out too and you end up with a sunburn, try putting your Soothing Gel in the refrigerator for some extra cool relief. Sunburn or not, this is my preferred method 😎

Commission Update 💰

I hope you all enjoyed the 25% discount and commission increase last week to finish out the month strong! We appreciate everyone's efforts to take advantage of that special offer.

Before we dive into our top five sellers since the last newsletter, let's revisit sharing some tips and tricks to help you along the way. Today, we address a question that came up on Discord: How can I share my discount code with someone without sounding like I'm running a pyramid scheme?

First off, what a great question! Second, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this. Each of us is unique, so it's essential to play to your strengths and find what works best for you. It takes preparation, practice, and trying new approaches to develop your strategy over time. However, I do have some effective tips to share.

When you're sharing your discount code with someone to make a sale, it's crucial to speak from your own experience. Explain why you personally love Mad Rabbit and how using the products has benefited your tattoo healing and ink longevity. Providing information about the ingredients and their benefits can also be very persuasive. Another effective strategy is to guide them on how to use the products and even help them create a skincare routine tailored to their needs. This approach not only builds trust but can also lead to a higher commission for you!

In summary, emphasize your personal experience, support it with relevant information, and offer personalized recommendations that meet their specific needs. Being able to answer their questions is key. Remember, focus on building a personal connection first, and the sale will naturally follow.

Adding perspective from ambassador artist Tracci King: "I've found that keeping it simple and straightforward works best. When I talk about aftercare, I mention, 'Personally, I really like the repair gel for the first couple of weeks. It reduces itching and has a cooling sensation. If you want to try it, I have a 20% off code for you.' That's usually enough. In public settings, less is often more. If people aren't familiar with Mad Rabbit, a casual approach like, 'Thanks! I really like this balm/lotion/gel. Here's a coupon if you're interested in checking it out!' can be effective without feeling pushy.”

Thanks for the insight, Tracci!

Now let’s talk top sellers. Shoutout to the Fab-Five:

  • Marcie Bennett

  • Christopher Miller

  • Matthew Allison

  • Austin Clark

  • Nick Drewe


If you have questions about sales, products, strategies, or anything else, please let me know! I'd be happy to address them in a newsletter or discuss them with you directly.

Ambassador Post Highlights 🤳

Thanks to your incredible responses to our Ambassador Program Survey last month, I now have a much clearer understanding of what activities you enjoy and what you don’t. I also learned how you prefer to be rewarded for your efforts. I’ve taken your feedback to heart and already made some adjustments to make challenges more open-ended and provide more opportunities to earn points. Additionally, I heard loud and clear that you love community-based challenges, so we’ll definitely have more of those moving forward! Building relationships and networking with fellow ambassadors is one of the most valuable aspects of the program.

Last month’s challenge submissions were so outstanding that I had to convince the team to let me reward you for your efforts! This month, the top posts from each segment will receive a CASH PRIZE. We’ll be awarding $50 via PayPal to our top five ambassador posts, $50 to our top ten ambassador artist posts, and $50 to our top two sponsored artist posts.

It’s a big deal that we can offer this, and it’s all thanks to you! If you like this reward and want to see it again in the future, please show your support by completing some challenges.

Now, let’s dive into our top posts since the last newsletter.

Featured Ambassador Content:


Featured Ambassador Artist Content:


Featured Sponsored Artist Content:


AI Beta Testing - If you've completed the Fresh vs. Healed Tattoo Pics or the IG Post | Your Choice Product Feature challenges, you might have noticed a slight change in the submission process. Just to keep you informed, we're currently beta testing an AI feature that assists in determining if your submission meets the challenge requirements.

It's important to note that regardless of the AI's feedback, you can always submit your content anyway—please do so. Rest assured, I am more flexible than the AI in evaluating submissions.

I would appreciate hearing from you on the following points:

  • Is this feature helpful? Does it clarify whether your content is ready for submission?
  • Does it discourage you from submitting your content?
  • Would you prefer if the AI assessment were not visible?

Your feedback is invaluable and will help us refine the AI not only for our brand but also for other companies partnering with SocialLadder.

New Sponsored Artist - We're thrilled to welcome Misbely Molina Cruz! Check out her IG, drop a follow, and introduce yourself! Here are some of her amazing pieces:

Ambassador of the week - This week, let's shine the spotlight on Caitlin Friend. Check out her IG here. Who will be featured next week? Keep an eye on our IG story to find out if it's you! 🔦

July Challenges 📝

Let's unveil our July challenges! This month's challenges were crafted based on the valuable feedback you shared in the Ambassador survey—thank you for that. I've also increased the points you can earn by completing these challenges. Remember, you can redeem your points for products, merchandise, and even cash rewards.

In addition to new challenges, I've extended a few from last month. Firstly, the Ambassador survey is still open for submissions. Secondly, I've extended two artist challenges: TikTok | Tattoo Barter Stories and Your Best Soothing Gel Swipe. We're eager to gather more content for these challenges, so please consider participating!

Stay tuned as we'll be releasing more challenges throughout the month. Make sure to check the dashboard periodically for updates. If you'd like to receive challenge reminders, join us on Discord where I can set you up with the "Challenge Reminder" tag.

Ambassador Challenges:

  • Referral Challenge
    • Earn points for each invite you send.
    • When someone joins using your link, they get bonus points, and you get additional bonus points if they complete a challenge.
  • Your Choice | National Tattoo Day
  • IG Giveaway | National Tattoo Day
  • IG Post | Your Choice Product Feature
  • IG | Tattoo Tour
  • TikTok | Tattoo Tour

Ambassador Artist Challenges:

  • IG | Tattoo Fruit Challenge
  • IG Post | Fresh vs. Healed Tattoo Pics
  • TikTok or IG Reel | Show Us What You’re Working On

Sponsored Artist Challenges:

  • Edu | Your Choice

A quick reminder: The IG | Protect Your Colors challenge ends on 7/7—only four days left to participate!


Treasure Coast Tattoo Expo - Two weeks ago, sponsored artists Lucas and Luis joined us at the Treasure Coast Tattoo Expo in West Palm Beach, FL. Having our sponsored artists at events and tattooing alongside us is incredibly meaningful to us.

Check out some pics from the event 📸

Congratulations to Lucas for winning first place in the small color category!

Join Us On Discord - It's your direct line to our founders, Oliver and Selom, plus a hub for engaging with our community. Share your ink, ask questions, and connect with fellow ambassadors. As we near 6k members, stay tuned for a special giveaway!

Sponsored Artist Program - Discover the vibrant pulse of our artist community and unlock a world of personalized rewards and exciting opportunities. We're actively seeking talented individuals who not only love our products but also create compelling content with them. Elevate your artistic journey with perks tailored specifically for you!

Apply now through our ambassador dashboard and let Mad Rabbit become your dedicated partner on the road to success.

Have a great holiday, everyone! Don't hesitate to reach out if there's something I can help you with 😘


Noah (aka tender)

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