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Tattoo Balm vs. Petroleum Jelly

There are so many products on the market these days. As you scan the shelves of a drugstore, local CVS, or Target, it can be extremely overwhelming. Which product is the right one for your needs? Do you have dry skin and are on the hunt for a non-greasy, nourishing moisturizer? How do you know which to purchase? What makes a quality product? We wanted to clear the air. There are many lotions, moisturizers, and hydrating skin care products out there. So what makes Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm different? We will explain a little bit about our philosophy when crafting these products, common misconceptions about comparable products on the market, and what’s best for you! 

At our core, our mission is to create superior, all-natural, tattoo aftercare products for our amazing customers. We believe that the  quality of ingredients matter and that what we put on our body should be wholesome. When you purchase a Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm, you can expect your tattoos and skin to be revitalized, replenished with nourishment, complete with hydration, and preserved. With a team of experts and a dermatologist on our board, you can trust our tattoo balm / moisturizing cream is the best in the market. We crafted three primary scents: frankincense & lavender, cucumber, and vanilla & coconut. We never add chemical scents to our balm, but instead, carefully curate and mix our ingredients to create a natural, wonderful scent. Why does this matter? 

Many products on the market, including many lotions, contain artificial fragrances, parabens, and preservatives. Why is this dangerous? First and foremost, as we all have different skin types, it's important to acknowledge that not all body lotion or cremes actually moisturize. Artificial fragrances are quite commonly used in many body moisturizers and body creams. Said artificial fragrances use a series of chemicals, at a lower cost, to create scents. This is used in drug-store moisturizers, many known cleansers, soaps etc. The appeal is obviously the aroma and tantalizing smell. You would naturally want your moisturizing lotion or body wash to have a pleasant scent, but you don’t want to sacrifice your health for it. A common question we hear is that “f a product smells good, it can't be bad for me, can it?” Yes, it can be very bad for you. Some artificial fragrances can cause extreme skin irritation and prevent you from maintaining healthy skin. So, if you have sensitive skin, be mindful of purchasing products that use synthetic or chemically derived ingredients. A daily moisturizer should ideally be fragrance-free, or have an all-natural fragrance. Moreover, some artificial chemicals have been linked to cancer, birth defects, and a disruption in hormone activity. Your skin is your largest organ. Meaning, what you put on your skin is ultimately absorbed into your body. The point of a moisturizer is to apply daily and hydrate the skin, leaving your skin feeling healthy and replenished. The danger with using said chemicals is that you are eventually ingesting the products you place on your body. The National Academy of Science reported that approximately 95% of synthetic or chemical fragrances are derived from petroleum (aka gas / oil). You would never knowingly put gasoline on your skin, would you? So why is it acceptable to include such an ingredient in your aftercare routine? Simple’s not. 

So what are our ingredients? And what do they do? We have 7. Yes, you read that right - 7 simple ingredients in our tattoo balm. They are all ingredients you can remember and produce. Now you know, that’s good stuff. Additionally, each ingredient serves a purpose for the effectiveness of our product. Shea butter helps with skin tissue regeneration, softening skin, and moisturizing several layers deep. Next, cocoa butter helps to slow the aging of the skin and promote firming. Young skin, means better looking tattoos and more vibrant ink. How did cocoa butter do this? It improves blood flow and creates a protective barrier with the skin to hold moisture in, preserving the hydration your skin experiences for hours. In conjunction with this, it helps to prevent UV rays from penetrating the skin too deeply with this secure layer of locked-in moisture. Next up we have beeswax, which helps to attract and gather water molecules. This helps to keep and maintain skin hydration, which is key with preserving your moisture throughout the day. We take it one step further to promote ingredients with healing properties, such as calendula, which has both antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, enabling the skin to heal more quickly. Finally,  our scents: Frankincense & Lavender, Cucumber, and Vanilla & Coconut. Lavender not only serves as a natural scent, but is full of antioxidants. Frankincense is great for healing minor wounds, and also doubles as one of our combination scents. Finally, the Cucumber serves as a scent and has a high water concentration which allows for anti inflammatory properties to work in your skin. We recently added Vanilla & Coconut as a warm, comforting scent. 

Now that you’ve learned more about the specifics of our  our products, let's chat briefly about some other products on the market that may appear to do the same thing….but in reality, do not. The first being: Vaseline / petroleum jelly. At its core, petrolatum jelly is made of minerals and waxes. Why might a wax not be ideal for tattoos or your skin? Like we stated before, your skin is an organ, meaning it constantly needs to breathe. Petroleum jelly acts as a sealant, which instead of moisturizing, locks in moisture, and creates a seal. So whatever moisture, or lack thereof, your skin had, is now locked in by a thick barrier. Okay, that may not sound terrible….however, your skin, and especially your tattoos need to breath. Therefore, putting a sealant on your tattoos is most certainly not a good idea. Your skin, acts as a skin barrier to outdoor elements, as your first layer of defense, and should be replenished with moisture and hydration, not a dryness that is locked in by a barrier of sealant. This is why it's important to distinguish between a moisturizing product, and a product that creates a strong barrier, or a sealant.  

You might think you're picking up a best seller, or the best moisturizer at the grocery store, when in fact, it could be quite misleading and full of chemicals. It's commonly agreed upon in dermatology, that a superior moisturizer should leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed while locking in moisture. The key is finding a product that does this, while leaving those artificial chemicals at the door and not creating a seal. Some brands may try and appeal to the consumer by advertising anti-aging properties, or a superior night cream, however, at the end of the day ingredients matter. Just because a product contains vitamin c, aloe, or vitamin e, does not mean it's good for you. The summation of the ingredients are ultimately what your skin is absorbing. We took this to heart, and not only created a superior tattoo aftercare product, but did so with superior, all-natural ingredients. 

After exploring some of the primary properties in our products, most specifically our Tattoo Balm, it’s clear to see: not all lotions, creams, or vaselines are the same! Some products serve great purposes, however, these are not to be confused with the healing properties of our Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm. We care about bringing our customers only the best, most effective, all-natural, cruelty free products--that work!

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