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The Importance Of Proper Post Tattoo + Long Term Care

 Excited about your fresh tattoo or looking to keep your existing ones vibrant? It's finally inked on your skin, but now comes the crucial part: caring for it to ensure proper healing and maintaining long-term good skincare habits. Don't stress over your new ink; instead, follow these tattoo skincare tips to help speed up the healing process and keep your tattoos looking great for years to come.

Here's how to care for new tattoos and keep them vibrant for the long term without any hassle.

New tattoo care tips:

Avoid Re-bandaging: Your tattoo artist might cover your tattoo initially. Keep it on for one to three hours after your session, then remove it. Just like any wound, your tattoo needs air to breathe for proper healing. Re-bandaging can cut off oxygen supply, prolonging the healing process and risking bacterial infection. Consider using tattoo healing patches for hassle-free aftercare in the first 72 hours.

Wash with Antibacterial Soap: After removing the bandage, gently wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap to remove any leftover product and blood. Avoid hot water, as it can open pores and increase susceptibility to bacteria and ink leakage. Stick to fragrance-free antibacterial soaps to minimize irritation and itching.

Leave Scabs Alone: Resist the urge to pick at scabs or peel off dead skin. Interfering with scabs can prolong the healing process and affect the integrity of your tattoo. If itching becomes unbearable, gently pat the skin with an open palm instead of scratching.

Soothe with Cooling Lotion: Itching is normal during the healing process. Apply a soothing lotion to alleviate discomfort without disrupting the healing process. Opt for petroleum-free products to allow the skin to breathe properly.Choose petroleum-free products to avoid clogging pores. Our Repair tattoo soothing gel is a perfect solution that aids in the recovery process of new tattoos during the first 14 days. 

Wear Loose Clothing:  Tight clothing can hinder airflow and cause friction, potentially disrupting the healing process. Opt for loose-fitting clothing or leave the tattooed area exposed whenever possible to promote proper healing.

Avoid Water Submersion and Sun Exposure: Refrain from submerging your tattoo in water for at least 3-4 weeks to prevent scabs from softening and potentially coming off prematurely. Additionally, avoid prolonged sun exposure to protect your tattoo from UV damage.

Sleep, Hydration + Balance Diet: Maintain good lifestyle habits, such as staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and eating a balanced diet, to support the healing process. Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking or excessive drinking, as they can slow down healing.

Long Term Tattoo Skincare Support: 

Caring for the skin on your body is just as crucial as maintaining a facial skincare routine, especially when it involves preserving your tattoos and safeguarding the investment you've made in your body art for a lifetime.

Here are some easy steps to keep your tattoos vibrant. 

Exfoliation: Exfoliation is an essential part of maintaining healthy, smooth skin. By removing dead skin cells and debris, exfoliation not only keeps your skin clean but also enhances the appearance of your tattoos, making them look brighter and more vibrant. We recommend you exfoliate at least one time a week. Try our refresh exfoliating bar soap- A gentle all-natural, charcoal exfoliating soap to help reveal brighter, more vibrant existing ink.

Moisturize + Replenish: Moisturizing your tattoo is essential for maintaining its vibrancy and preventing fading, regardless of the season or your sun exposure. Just as you cared for your new ink during the healing phase, applying a hydrating moisturizer once or twice daily keeps your skin hydrated and your tattoo looking its best. It's a simple yet often overlooked step in tattoo care, so make it a habit to moisturize daily to preserve your ink for the long term. 

Wear SPF…Everyday: While many beauty experts advise avoiding the sun altogether for maintaining youthful skin, let's face it - basking in the sun during summer and flaunting your stunning artwork is irresistible. 

However, sun protection is crucial, everyday, any time of the year. Embrace sunscreen, especially one formulated for tattoos, to shield your ink from UV rays and maintain its brightness and freshness. Additionally, limit direct sun exposure during beach or pool days by seeking shade or covering up with lightweight clothing.

Targeted Enhancers: To further enhance the boldness and vibrancy of your tattoos, consider using a targeted enhancer such as a tattoo balm. These balms are formulated with a blend of fatty acids, antioxidant-rich butters, and lightweight oils to nourish and protect your skin, helping to maintain the brightness of your tattoos. For long-lasting freshness, you can incorporate a product like Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm into your daily skincare routine, ensuring your tattoos look vibrant for years to come.

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