The Tattoo Fade is Real - Why tattoos fade, and how to fight it

Tattoos - permanent art on your body’s canvas forever, but for some reason your tattoo just doesn’t look like it once did. There’s nothing like the feeling of looking at your fresh new ink - the vibrant colors, details, and meaning behind it. But over time, your tattoo will fade. There’s many reasons why your tattoo can fade - quality of ink, placement on your body, the sun, and time - to name just a few. What can you do to fight the fade? ?


Stay Away From Low Quality Ink

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when it comes to choosing your ideal tattoo artist, do your research! Low quality ink can affect the longevity of your tattoo, which can lead to faster fading. The FDA doesn’t regulate tattoo ink, so make sure your artist is reputable and delivers high quality ink. Review opinions from trusted sources on what should - and shouldn’t - be going into your body as your research ink.


Think Placement: Friction is Not Your Friend

When it comes to choosing the perfect placement of your tattoo, consider areas of your body that experience the least friction. For example, tattoos on your feet will likely experience more friction, than say, a tattoo on the back of your neck. Shoes and socks can potentially cause fading over time, since your feet may  constantly have something rubbing against them. Think about how often your tattoo will experience friction over time, whether it’s skin-to-skin contact or skin-to-material contact, like the sock example. 


The Fight Against Time… and The Sun

There are some elements of tattoo fading that are out of our control, like aging. There’s steps you can take to prevent your tattoo from fading. We could argue that aging and the sun are the biggest culprit of fading, so it’s important to do what you can to fight it.


When you first get your tattoo, keep in mind that it’s extremely vulnerable in those initial three weeks. Keep your brand new ink out of the sun in this phase, and let it heal properly - you’ll thank yourself later.. Once your tattoo is fully healed, wear Mad Rabbit SPF 30 Tattoo Sunscreen to fight against those harsh UV rays. Protecting your tattoo from the sun is one of the key steps to maintaining your art’s appearance, and keeping your ink healthy. 

And don’t forget about tattoo aftercare and why it’s vital to start taking care of your tattoo from day one. Listen to your tattoo artist’s guidance to ensure your tattoo heals correctly in the initial healing phase, and continue to take care of your tattoo even after it’s healed. After your tattoo is fully healed, start using Mad Rabbit Tattoo Aid to electrify your tattoo’s presence and prevent fading. Mad Rabbit offers the perfect all natural tattoo aid for your aftercare needs, formulated with all natural and organic ingredients, sourced from the greater Los Angeles area. Our tattoo aid revitalizes old tattoos and prevents new tattoos from fading.

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