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Newsletter 47

Hello, ink enthusiasts! We’re excited to connect with you again and share the latest updates, highlights, and challenges from our vibrant tattoo family. Our ambassador program is all about celebrating your bold self-expression, incredible artistry, and the unique stories behind your tattoos. We love seeing how you bring our products to life and contribute to our growing community.

Speaking of unique stories, have you ever noticed the special connection between tattoos and motorcycles? These two art forms are united by a shared spirit of rebellion, individuality, and camaraderie. From post-WWII veterans forming motorcycle clubs to the iconic imagery of tattooed bikers in popular culture, both tattoos and motorcycles serve as powerful symbols of personal identity and belonging.

In celebration of this unique relationship, and in partnership with the upcoming release of THE BIKERIDERS starring Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, and Tom Hardy, we’ve got an exciting movie-themed giveaway happening on Instagram this Friday, 6/7. You do NOT want to miss out!

Are you planning to see the movie in theatres? Let us know!

To support the launch, we have some motorcycle-themed challenges lined up for you. Check out the June Challenges section for all the details. Get ready to ride and show off your ink!

What's Inside:

  • Commission Update - Highlighting our top sellers since the last newsletter.

  • Ambassador Post Highlights - Showcasing top ambassador, ambassador artist, and sponsored artist challenge submissions + announcing May contest winners.

  • New Sponsored Artist - Welcoming our newest sponsored artist.

  • June Challenges - Announcing all June challenges, including our special motorcycle-themed challenges.

Stick around for all the exciting updates and announcements 🥰

Commission Update 💰

Last month, in addition to increasing commission to 25%, we introduced two sales challenges. Your incredible efforts blew us away, and we want to extend a massive thank you to each and every one of you who participated. It's your hard work and dedication that fuel our thriving community!

For the Soothing Gel challenge, we offered bonuses ranging from $1 to $10, depending on the number of products sold. The concept was simple: sell one, earn a $1 bonus; sell five, get a $5 bonus; sell ten, get a $10 bonus. Similarly, in celebration of National Sunscreen Day on 5/27, we launched a sales challenge for our SPF products. And guess what? A ton of you rose to the occasion and completed them!

We're eager to hear your thoughts! Did you enjoy these sales challenges? Would you like to see even more levels added to future challenges? Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to create engaging and rewarding experiences for our community. Please, share your thoughts with us—we're all ears!

Shoutout to our top five sellers since last newsletter:

  • Matthew Williams
  • Jorge Salazar
  • Matthew Allison
  • Kaylee Williams
  • Nick Drewe

Once again, a heartfelt thank you for your unwavering commitment and hard work. Together, we're making waves in the world of tattoo aftercare!

Ambassador Post Highlights 🤳

Last month was a whirlwind of creativity and inspiration, thanks to all of you amazing ambassadors, ambassador artists, and sponsored ambassador artists! Your dedication to our community and your passion for tattoo artistry truly shine through in every post you share. We're continually amazed by the talent and enthusiasm you bring to our platform.

To show our appreciation for your outstanding contributions, we offered some fantastic prizes for our top posters. They had the chance to win a Tattoo Lovers' Kit to share with their community, spreading the love for our products even further. Additionally, our top ambassador artists had the opportunity to win Soothing Gel sachets and Pro Glide for their personal use, ensuring they continue to create stunning tattoo art with ease.

Without further ado, let's give a big round of applause to our winners:

Ambassador Winners:

  • John Watkins II
  • Jonathan Hile
  • Heather Jenkins

Ambassador Artist Winners:

  • Brooklyn Kirkpatrick
  • Jorge Salazar
  • Juztin Vatican

Congratulations to all our winners! Keep an eye on your inbox as I'll be reaching out via email by the end of the week with more details about your prizes.

Now, let's dive into the highlights of the top 5 posts from our ambassadors, ambassador artists, and sponsored ambassador artists!

Featured Ambassador Content: 

Featured Ambassador Artist Content:

Featured Sponsored Artist Content:

New Sponsored Artist - Please extend a warm welcome to Trevor Mcquade, our newest Sponsored Artist! At 26 years old, Trevor hails from Columbus and originally pursued Pre-Law at The Ohio State University before discovering his true passion. With the encouragement of his family and girlfriend, he's embraced a path that aligns with his creative talents. Outside of work, Trevor enjoys staying active by hitting the gym or playing basketball. He's an avid sports enthusiast, always eager to try new restaurants and explore new destinations around the globe. Check out Trevor's IG here.

Ambassador of the week - This week, let's shine the spotlight on Katherine Chandler. Check out her IG here. Who will be featured next week? Keep an eye on our IG story to find out if it's you! 🔦

June Challenges 📝

We've got some thrilling news to share! Mad Rabbit has teamed up with the upcoming film THE BIKERIDERS starring Austin Butler, Jodie Comer & Tom Hardy to celebrate its release. This captivating film captures a rebellious era in America during the 1960s-1970s, telling the tale of a motorcycle gang facing challenges to protect their colors.

Get ready to channel your inner rebel with our motorcycle-themed challenges:

  • IG | Protect Your Colors - There are a few ways you can complete this challenge. Choose one:
    • PROTECT YOUR COLORS WITH MAD RABBIT. In an Instagram Reel or photo post, share how you protect your tattoos with Tattoo Balm or SPF.
    • Motorcycle post - share a pic of you and your ‘cycle OR your motorcycle-themed tattoo(s).
  • IG | Bikeriders - To complete this challenge, like and comment on our reel (being posted June 13th at 9 am PST), and upload a screenshot. Challenge goes live 6/10.

But that's not all! Check out our other exciting June challenges:

Ambassador Challenges:

  • Mad Rabbit Ambassador Program Survey - Help us shape the future of the Mad Rabbit Ambassador Program by sharing your valuable feedback. Take a few minutes to complete our survey and let us know what you love, what you'd like to see improved, and any ideas you have for the program.

  • Share the Love | Follow Another Ambassador
  • IG | Favorite Tattoo Challenge
  • IG | Father’s Day
  • Your Choice | Walmart
  • TikTok or IG Reel | Summer SPF Challenge
  • Mad Rabbit x TikTok Shop

Ambassador Artist Challenges:

  • TikTok or IG Reel | Show Us What You’re Working On
  • TikTok or IG Reel | Tattoo Glide
  • TikTok | Tattoo Barter Stories
  • Your Best Soothing Gel Swipe

Calling all Ambassador Artists! We've got some exciting news just for you. This month, we're trying something new to encourage you to post and submit your amazing work. To make things even more enticing, two out of your four challenges this month don't require you to feature a product. Pretty cool, right?

So far, the submissions from our artist community have been nothing short of stellar, as you saw in the post highlights section. Your talent knows no bounds, and we want to see even more of it!

If you've never completed a challenge before, now's the perfect time to jump in. Even if you're just getting started, simply logging into the dashboard and checking out the challenges will earn you rewards. Plus, who knows? You might even get a social feature out of it! At Mad Rabbit, we're committed to helping you grow as an artist and showcasing your incredible talent to the world.

Sponsored Artist Challenges:

  • Your Choice | Submit a Link To Your Post

Rev up your creativity and join us in these exciting challenges! Let's make this June one to remember.


Join Us On Discord - It's your direct line to our founders, Oliver and Selom, plus a hub for engaging with our community. Share your ink, ask questions, and connect with fellow ambassadors. As we near 6k members, stay tuned for a special giveaway!

Sponsored Artist Program - Discover the vibrant pulse of our artist community and unlock a world of personalized rewards and exciting opportunities. We're actively seeking talented individuals who not only love our products but also create compelling content with them. Elevate your artistic journey with perks tailored specifically for you!

Apply now through our ambassador dashboard and let Mad Rabbit become your dedicated partner on the road to success.


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