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Newsletter 46

Dear Ambassador,

Whether you're new to our community or a familiar face, we're thrilled to have you here.

This edition of our bi-weekly newsletter is dedicated to embracing your journey. Every tattoo tells a story, and every step we take as ambassadors adds to our unique narrative. Being part of our community is about more than promoting products; it’s about celebrating the journey that each of us is on, and how our experiences shape who we are and what we represent.

Commission Update 💰

Embracing your journey also means recognizing and celebrating the achievements along the way. This week, we want to spotlight our top 5 ambassador sellers. You have excelled in your efforts and made a significant impact:

  • Matthew Williams

  • Kayla Bell

  • Cristina Islas

  • Bernice Nieves

  • Nick Drewe


Thank you to each of you for your relentless effort and dedication. Your hard work is a testament to the spirit of our community. Let’s continue to build on this success and make every step of our journey impactful.

Incentives and Opportunities

👉 Only 9 days left to complete the Tiered Soothing Gel Sales Challenge:

  • sell one soothing gel, earn a $1 bonus.

  • Sell 5 Soothing Gels, Earn a $5 Bonus.



Your bonus(es) will be awarded when the challenge ends - 11:59 PM ET. Keep pushing and maximize your earnings!

👉 Commission is still 25% for the rest of the month!!! Cash out and treat yourself to something nice—you deserve it.

Check out this officially official aluminum ambassador business card courtesy of @unFKNsupervised on Discord. What innovative methods have you used to promote your code?

Attention ambassadors! Get ready for a special SPF Sales Challenge in celebration of National Sunscreen Day. From May 26th to June 3rd, sell 5 SPFs and earn a $5 bonus! 🌞💸

Ambassador Post Highlights 🤳

Every post you share is a milestone in your ambassador journey, and it’s inspiring to see how you bring our products to life through your unique stories and perspectives. A big thank you to all who participated in our social media challenges. Your efforts not only highlight our products but also showcase the vibrant, dynamic nature of our community.

Incentives and Opportunities

Remember, this month's top posters stand a chance to win a Tattoo Lovers' Kit to give away to their community. Additionally, our top ambassador artists will receive Soothing Gel sachets and Pro Glide for their personal use. This is a great opportunity to share more about our products and enhance your own tattoo care routine.

Ambassador Artists, Unfortunately, we only have one ambassador artist post to feature this time. If you have content you haven’t submitted, please get it in! I’d love to feature you. Engagement is crucial for the exciting plans we have for the artist segment. If there’s anything we can do to support you as an artist, please let us know.

👉 One free Pro Glide has been added to the shop for licensed artists. In exchange for trying out a full-size Pro Glide for free, we’d appreciate your participation in the upcoming June challenge for Pro Glide.

Featured Ambassador Content:

Featured Ambassador Artist Content:

  • Check out Holly Johnson’s Unboxing + SPF Demo
    • Thank you for the submission, Holly! Keep crushing it.

Featured Sponsored Artist Content:

Thank you to all ambassadors for your amazing contributions. These posts are a testament to embracing your journey and sharing it with the world. Keep the creativity flowing, and don’t hesitate to showcase your unique stories and experiences.

New Sponsored Artists - Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Gregorio Devera and Brianna Skumlien, our newest additions to the Sponsored Artist team!

Ambassador of the week - This week, let's shine the spotlight on Matthew Forkenbrock! 👀 Don't miss out—visit his IG and shop's IG. Who will be featured next week? Keep an eye on our IG story to find out if it's you! 🔦

May Challenges 📝

Engaging with our community through social media challenges is a powerful way to embrace your journey and inspire others along the way. These challenges are designed to celebrate the unique stories behind every tattoo and the role our products play in your care routines. Thank you to everyone who has already participated. We encourage everyone to dive into these challenges, share their experiences, and continue to build a narrative that is as unique and diverse as our tattoos.

Get revved up for an electrifying June! We're thrilled to unveil a sneak peek of what's to come: motorcycle-specific challenges, a Summer Skin Challenge to keep your ink shining bright, and heartwarming activities for Father’s Day. Stay tuned for additional challenges and surprises that will keep the excitement going all month long. And if you're craving more fun quizzes, let us know if you're ready for Quiz 3!

Current Ambassador Challenges:

  • Quiz 2 - feel free to reach out if you have any questions while taking Quiz 2!
  • 14-Day Healing Challenge with Soothing Gel ($10 PayPal)
  • IG Post | Walmart Cart Capture
  • IG Post | #NationalSunscreenDay
  • IG Post | AAPI Inspired Tattoos
  • IG Post | Before & After

Ambassador Artist Challenges:

  • IG Post | Star Wars Flash
  • IG Reel or TikTok | Shop Showcase
  • YouTube Shorts | Two Options

Sponsored Artist Challenges:

  • Your Choice
  • Create an Educational Product Video

Last Call: Don't Miss Your Chance to Grab Vaulted Merch! Size Small Only.


Kiss Kiss - Mark your calendars for May 25th! We’re thrilled to announce a Flash Day event in collaboration with Kiss Kiss Tattoo.

Join us for an exciting day filled with $100 flash tattoos on a first-come, first-served basis from 1-7 PM. Enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks, and of course, stunning tattoos at 907 Pacific Ave, Venice, CA 90291.

As a special treat, the first 50 visitors will receive free Mad Rabbit sunscreen. Don't miss out on this unforgettable event!

CMA Music Festival 2024 - I'm excited to share some thrilling news with you! On June 6th, Mad Rabbit will be at the Warner Music Group CMA Festival Event, and we'd love for you to join us!

As our esteemed ambassadors, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy free flash tattoos, meet the founders, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. With fantastic music and engaging activities, it's bound to be an unforgettable experience!

This event is open to the public, so feel free to invite your friends along for the fun.

The lineup for Heatwave House is absolutely electric! 🔥 We can’t wait to see all of these incredible artists perform at @barstoolnashville on Thursday, June 6th! The event will take place at Barstool Nashville.

We'll be raffling off multiple VIP passes, so be sure to stop by for your chance to win big!

For more information, visit:

Sponsored Artist Program - Discover the vibrant pulse of our artist community and unlock a world of personalized rewards and exciting opportunities. We're actively seeking talented individuals who not only love our products but also create compelling content with them. Elevate your artistic journey with perks tailored specifically for you!

Apply now through our ambassador dashboard and let Mad Rabbit become your dedicated partner on the road to success.

Join us on Discord - It's your direct line to our founders, Oliver and Selom, plus a hub for engaging with our community. Share your ink, ask questions, and connect with fellow ambassadors.

C L O S I N G     T H O U G H T S 

As we continue on our paths as ambassadors, it’s important to remember that every step, every challenge, and every triumph is part of a larger story. Embracing your journey means acknowledging the highs and lows, the progress and the setbacks. It’s these experiences that shape us and add depth to our roles as ambassadors.

Your journey is unique and valuable. By sharing it with our community, you inspire others and contribute to a collective story that celebrates creativity, resilience, and authenticity. Keep sharing, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep embracing every moment of your journey.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas for our next issue. Thank you for being an essential part of our community.


Noah (aka tender)

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