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Newsletter 45

Whether you're a newcomer or a returning friend, we're thrilled to have you here. Today brings an extra special treat – an exclusive introduction by none other than Mad Rabbit's CEO and co-founder, Oliver Zak! And guess what? It's Oliver's birthday today too! Let's show him some love on Discord and social media. None of this would exist without him and Selom!

Dear Ambassadors,

Some of you may already know me, but for those I have not met yet, my name is Oliver Zak. I am a co-founder of Mad Rabbit, ambassador, cat dad, art enthusiast, history buff, amongst many other things. For the context of this newsletter, I will focus on Mad Rabbit, but I am excited to chat more with you in our Discord channel and on socials.

For those of you who don’t know, Mad Rabbit was born out of a passion for creating better products for tattooed people. Late in our senior year of college, Selom and I discovered the need for clean tattoo care products and quickly learned how to make them. After all– better tattoos require better care. For weeks and weeks on end, Selom and I would skip class to cook our very first batches of Tattoo Balm by hand. Excitement for the brand grew so quickly, and we received so many initial orders that our local post office asked us to take our giant sacks of packed orders to a larger facility an hour away. Ah, the good old days. Fast forward five years later, and we now have a full suite of clean and vegan products that take care of you in the tattoo chair, and also defend your old tattoos from fading. Arguably an even bigger success than the adoption of our products, was the formation of our ambassador community.

I felt particularly excited about the opportunity to address this group of incredible individuals, because the ambassadors are the heartbeat of Mad Rabbit. As I am writing this, there are 7,700 outstanding ambassadors. 7,700 of you… making it all possible– testing new products, fostering a vibrant community, sharing new merch ideas, completing challenges & sharing our story. Thank you for all that you do, and I am excited to keep working closely with you (and Tender) to grow this community into something even more special.

To close this out, I wanted to tease a couple of exciting upcoming initiatives we are working on over at Mad Rabbit. As you have seen, we have made significant changes to the ambassador dashboard and will continue to improve the user experience. I also hope to be a more available resource to ambassadors and will be scheduling monthly sessions where Tender and I will facilitate town hall discussions. There are more updates to come, but you’ll need to tune into the town hall to hear them ;)

- Oliver

Thanks, Oliver, for kicking things off with such energy! I know I speak for everyone when saying we're eagerly anticipating what's next. Now, let's delve into the rest of today's update! There are plenty of opportunities to earn rewards this month, so be sure to pay attention to the details in each section.

Commission Update 💰

I want to extend a massive thank you to all of you who took advantage of the recent 25% discount increase over the past two weeks. Your response was incredible. Yesterday, I threw out a challenge on Discord regarding a potential commission increase. The deal was simple: if I received ten challenge submissions by the end of the day, I would boost the commission. And guess what? You all crushed it! As promised, enjoy a boosted 25% commission rate throughout the rest of the month, effective immediately.

In addition, let’s not forget about our ongoing Tiered Soothing Gel Sales Challenge:

  • sell one soothing gel, earn a $1 bonus.
  • Sell 5 Soothing Gels, Earn a $5 Bonus.


...all while earning milestone sales rewards and enjoying 25% commission.

Now, let’s give a round of applause to all our sellers who’ve been putting in the hard work since our last newsletter. While we’re highlighting the top five, every effort deserves recognition:

  • Matthew Willams
  • Christopher Cox
  • Kaylee Williams
  • Chloe Spoor
  • Courtney Urie

    Congratulations to each of you! Keep up the fantastic work, and let's keep pushing forward together.

    Ambassador Post Highlights 🤳

    Just a friendly reminder that this month's top posters stand a chance to win a Tattoo Lovers' Kit to giveaway to their community. Additionally, our top ambassador artists will receive Soothing Gel sachets & Glide (for their personal use). The challenges this month are pretty low-lift and are mostly IG Posts, which tends to be your favorite challenge type. Would love to see these prizes go to someone who really wants them and who wants to give back!

    While highlighting contributors this week, I encountered some challenges in sharing posts. Some accounts are set to private, making the posts inaccessible, while others have deleted the posts shortly after approval. While we respect your privacy and content management choices, it's important to note that deleting your posts prematurely may disqualify you from features, reposts, or monthly rewards. Just wanted to give you a heads-up!

    Now, let's take a moment to appreciate our top posts from the past two weeks. Maybe even drop a like and comment on the posts while you're at it 🙂

    Featured Ambassador Content:

    Featured Ambassador Artist Content:

    Featured Sponsored Artist Content:

    Ambassador of the week - This week's spotlight is on Krystinne Flores 🔦👀 Check out her TikTok & IG. Who’s going to be featured next week? Don’t forget to check our IG story to see if it’s you!

    May Challenges 📝

    Exciting news – our Better Tattoos Need Better Care Campaign just launched today! At its core, this campaign is all about community involvement.

    We're calling on you to share your tattoo healing journey over 14 days using soothing gel. Whether you've recently gotten inked or have plans for it soon, document your healing process and share it with us! But wait, not planning on getting a tattoo anytime soon? No problem! We also want to see healed tattoos and those crispy before-and-vibrant after comparisons.

    Your personal experiences are invaluable in showcasing why Mad Rabbit is the ultimate tattoo aftercare solution. Your firsthand accounts are guaranteed to inspire others to give it a try.

    And a quick reminder: only two days left to participate in the "IG Post | Mother’s Day challenge" (Ends May 10th). Calling all tattooed mothers! This Mother’s Day, we want to shine the spotlight on you. Share a photo with your kids and some Mad Rabbit products, and in the caption, reveal the strength that guides you through your journey as a mother.

    Let's make May memorable with your incredible contributions!

    Ambassador Challenges:

    • Quiz 2 - feel free to reach out if you have any questions while taking Quiz 2!
    • 14-Day Healing Challenge with Soothing Gel ($10 PayPal)
    • IG Post | Walmart Cart Capture
    • IG Post | #NationalSunscreenDay
    • IG Post | AAPI Inspired Tattoos
    • IG Post | Before & After

    Ambassador Artist Challenges:

    • IG Post | Star Wars Flash
    • IG Reel or TikTok | Shop Showcase
    • YouTube Shorts | Two Options

    Sponsored Artist Challenges:

    • Your Choice
    • Create an Educational Product Video

    Note: it’s the last month for the Vaulted Merch Giveaway. We still have some S and a few XL sizes left, so it's your final opportunity to snag vaulted merch that's never coming back!

    Note: while tagging us in the post caption is essential, remember to also tag us in the content itself to ensure we don't miss your submission. Your hard work deserves to be seen and engaged with, and we're here to celebrate your creativity every step of the way.


    Join us on Discord - It's your direct line to our founders, Oliver and Selom, plus a hub for engaging with our community. Share your ink, ask questions, and connect with fellow ambassadors. As we near 6k members, stay tuned for a special giveaway!

    Sponsored Artist Program - Discover the vibrant pulse of our artist community and unlock a world of personalized rewards and exciting opportunities. We're actively seeking talented individuals who not only love our products but also create compelling content with them. Elevate your artistic journey with perks tailored specifically for you!

    Ready to seize the moment? Apply now through our ambassador dashboard and let Mad Rabbit become your dedicated partner on the road to success.


    Oliver & Noah (aka tender)

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