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Newsletter 02

Hellllloo… anybody home?

In this edition, we are excited to introduce new challenges, share some filming best practices, give you the inside scoop on our next giveaway, and announce some new ambassador $w@g.

New Tattoo Story Challenges LIVE NOW 📣

Are you in love with your tattoos and the meaning behind them? If you answered yes, then these challenges will be easy! So, what do you have to do?

Post a photo or video explaining the story of Your First Tattoo or Your Favorite Tattoo, showing off your ink on your IG or TikTok page, with your unique discount code in the caption of course.

Whatever you come up with, whether it’s a voiceover, seamless transition, or taking us along for a day in your life, we’re excited to see!

Scroll to the bottom of this email for more content tips 👇

Lucky Rabbit Golden Ticket Giveaway🍀

From now until September 30, 3 lucky winners will each receive a Lucky Rabbit Golden Ticket at random which includes $500 towards your next tattoo and a 5-year supply of Mad Rabbit! 😮 Each transaction counts as one individual entry. For an additional entry, fill out the form HERE.

To sweeten the deal for our ambassadors, since we've had back and forth with our vendor delaying payout, we're increasing commission this month to 20% (that's an extra 10%)!! Don't worry your stats are still accumulating, and we are working with our tech team to resolve this ASAP!

Take advantage of this commission increase to 20% + giveaway and get PAID!

Example: "Hey! Mad Rabbit is running a giveaway where every single purchase purchase automatically enters you to win! Plus, use MY CODE for 20% off."

NEW Swag in the Ambassador Shop 🔥

COMING SOON: Wanna Be Bold & Never Fade Away? This brand new, exclusive ambassador shirt designed by our very own @ffffolden#9797 on Discord is the secret! Available ONLY for redemption in the Ambassador Shop NOW.

Go let @ffffolden#9797 know how much you love it!

If you haven’t done so already, sign in to the ambassador dashboard and redeem the 2,500 points waiting for you – that’s enough for a free Tattoo Balm or Balm Stick (or half the cost of the new shirt)!



Noah (aka: tender) & Amy (aka: Turmanator)

PS: Since our last community letter… 12 Ambassadors are getting paid to test a new, unreleased product and document their experience!! If that sounds like something you’d like to do, make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity like this by signing up for SMS and email notifications and staying in touch on socials.

Have feedback? A challenge idea? Just wanna chat? Connect with us on Discord



Do you struggle to come up with ideas for content? Try one of these post ideas:

  • TikTok or Instagram: a video of your tattoo with a voiceover explaining the story
  • TikTok or Instagram: a video of your tattoo with text explaining the story behind your first or favorite tattoo (using a trending sound)
  • Instagram: a static image of your first or favorite tattoo with text explaining the story


Filming Best Practices 🤳

  • Shoot in short and concise clips; think 5-15 second segments.
  • Shoot via your camera and edit on third party app (not in TikTok app) & save video in largest file format for highest quality
  • Shoot with natural lighting (next to a window) or in good lighting like the bathroom. If needed, bring a ring light or something to improve lighting if you are in a dark area.


Want to see some example content? Check out these videos: Fellow ambassador Ashley Rosentreter’s GRWM TikTok video + Garin’s Balm Stick Education video

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