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Newsletter 05

How hops it, Mad Rabbits?

I hope everyone is well. A LOT has happened in the last two weeks. In this newsletter, I am feverishly excited to share information on increased commission, tips for becoming a successful ambassador, and new challenges.

A reminder: we cannot pay you or ship any rewards to you if your ambassador profile is incomplete. Please login to the ambassador dashboard, navigate to Settings, and make sure all of your information is correct. If you’ve never logged in, there are 2500 points waiting to be redeemed in the ambassador-exclusive shop!

Commission Increase and a Chance to Win $500
Since you all seemed to like the increased commission, I’ve pulled some strings…

For the entire month of October, we’re going to have a sell off! Whoever can sell the most will receive $500 PayPal! In order to you to activate this challenge and compete to win, you must first reach $1,000 in sales. Think you can do it?

To sweeten the deal, we’ve decided to continue 20% commission for the entire month of October. Psst… if you call keep crushing it we might just have to keep 20% commission for the rest of the year.

Congratulations to our top 5 earners this period 💪:

  • Joseph Maldonado
  • Hannah Wieman
  • Tyler Villicana
  • Ashley Johns
  • Angelo Berardy

What if we… sold some Mad Rabbit together 👉👈

Tips For Becoming a Successful Ambassador

  • If you haven’t done so already, please remember to add @madrabbit, your coupon code, and your referral link to your Instagram bio! When posting, tag @madrabbit and use hashtags #madrabbit, and #gonemad. Lastly, and most importantly, make sure your IG page is PUBLIC. We cannot review your submissions when you have a private account.
  • If you have any questions about sharing your code, please connect with us in #ambassador-chat on Discord. Remember, strangers are just friends that you haven't talked to yet.

New Challenges
In case you missed it…

It’s official! You can find Mad Rabbit products in all Urban Outfitters stores. To celebrate, we are challenging you to go into your local Urban Outfitters and show us your shopping haul in a TikTok. 🥳 Full challenge details in the ambassador dashboard now.

Shoutout to ambassador Holly Johnson for driving 2+ HOURS to complete this challenge! Check out her post here

A 👀 At Upcoming October Challenges
SHARE THE LOVE | Follow another ambassador! 💓 - As the Mad Rabbit ambassador program grows, we aim to build a sense of community amongst you all! When you search #MadRabbitAmbassador on Instagram or TikTok, why not support by hitting that follow button? It’s time to spread the love!

Connect All of Your Socials Challenge - We love seeing your content and would be delighted to see it on all your favorite social media platforms. We are challenging you to connect all of your social channels so you have more chances to complete challenges. Connect your Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, to earn your points

Ambassador post highlights
Nice postin’, winners! 🤠 Your 250 bonus points are en route as we speak.


Noah (aka: tender) & Amy (aka: Turmanator)

Have feedback? A challenge idea? Just wanna chat? Connect with us on Discord


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