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Newsletter 15

Happy discount candy day,

Ok, so you remember the last newsletter when I said February is filled with random holidays? Well, get this… today is World Hippo Day, Annoy Squidward Day and Single Awareness Day. Ouch? My feelings.

While I could write a super long introduction I’m not going to because there are a LOT of updates today. In addition to everything you’re about to read (I hope), a new reward for the ambassador shop is currently in production 🤩

Commission Update 💰

Need help making sales? To help you out, ambassador Jessi Price has shared some insight into what has helped them. They write,

A solid tip is letting friends try my Mad Rabbit, especially after they get their first one. I have a lot of people ask if my tats are brand new or how they still look fresh, then just pop out a can and let them see for themselves! :)

What a great tip. Thanks, Jessi!

Our top five sellers for this reporting period were:

  • Matthew Williams

  • Zoe Mckee

  • Eric Schultz

  • Olivia Andujar

  • Nick Drewe

Next time I need a loan I’m just going to hit up one of the fab five. Nice work, all!

Ambassador Post Highlights 🤳

Thanks for all your excellent posts in support of our GNC launch! We’re excited to be able to further represent and include our fitness-loving ambassadors.

Shoutout to our featured ambassadors:

What do we look for when reviewing content? Here are some tips:

  • Shoot in short and concise clips; think 5-15 second segments.

  • Use a steady hand, get help from a friend, or use a tripod to help you film.

  • Shoot via your camera and edit on a third-party app (not in TikTok) & save the video in the largest file format.

  • Shoot with natural lighting (next to a wind owl or in good lighting like the bathroom. If needed, bring a ring light or something to improve lighting if you are in a dark area.

Best free editing apps: Capcut, Splice

Both apps are available on Android and iOS.

Tip: There might be a watermark with the free versions of these apps. When you export your edited footage, trim the watermark off.

Ambassador of the week - Last week's feature was Olivia Reyes 🔦👀 Check out her TikTok here

February Challenges 📝

🖤 Share the Love | Random Acts of Kindness (350 points) - It’s #RandomActsofKindnessDay, and we’d like to celebrate it with all of YOU! To celebrate, go through the hashtag #MadRabbitAmbassador on IG and leave a nice comment on one of your fellow ambassadors’ posts. Make sure to follow your comment with the hashtag #RandomActsofKindnessDay

Only 24 hours to complete this challenge.

🐰 FLASH CHALLENGE | Love Your Pet Day (500 points) - Are you a dog mom? Cat dad? Well, it’s time to show off those fur babies! For #LoveYourPetDay, we want you to post your pet tattoos with the hashtags #LoveYourPetDay and #MadRabbitAmbassador

📸 IG Post | Pro Glide Launch (500 points) - Exciting news!! We have just launched a new Mad Rabbit product- for tattoo artists! Introducing our all-natural, vegan tattoo glide developed for artists as a lubricant during the tattooing process. We’d love your help spreading the word!

To complete this challenge, post a photo of you setting up to tattoo (including any Mad Rabbit product). BONUS: We’ll pick 5 lucky people to win a free one! Use the hashtags #MadRabbit #MadGlide

GNC Challenges Extended Until 3/1

  • IG Reel | Mad Rabbit Launches At GNC (1,000 points)

  • TikTok | Mad Rabbit Launches At GNC (1,000 points)


Full challenge details in the ambassador dashboard.

Note: when completing the IG Reel and TikTok challenges “Mad Rabbit launches at GNC,” you should submit two different pieces of content.


Discord Giveaway - Reach server XP level three by February 20th for a chance to win a Tattoo Lovers Kit. Earn XP by being active in the server and sending messages. If you're already level 3+, you are automatically entered to win. Five winners announced 03.01.23

To check your rank, type /rank in #🤖│bot-spam

Type /levels in #🤖│bot-spam for a link to the leaderboard

While we’re on the topic of Discord…

Check out our swag-tacular new Discord banner created by @rylee#6350


If you’d like to create a server banner for us as well, please do! The only restriction you have is that the file should be 960 x 540 16:9.

Tax season - If you earned $600+ with us in 2022 you will be receiving a 1099 form from our finance team.

New product - Exciting news! We are launching a new Mad Rabbit product- for tattoo artists! Introducing our all-natural, vegan tattoo glide developed for artists as a lubricant during the tattooing process.

“Tastes great! Just like grandma used to make.”
- tender
“IGN 10/10.”
- tender
“Wow. This stuff really glides like pro.”
- tender


A new segment of the ambassador program - I’m over the moon excited to announce a new segment of the ambassador program for ambassador artists!! Whether you’re an apprentice or a licensed artist, please fill out this form so we can add artist tags to your profile before the March launch.



Noah (aka: tender)

Have feedback? A challenge idea? Just wanna chat? Connect with us on Discord


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