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Newsletter 35

Dear Ambassador,

Welcome to another edition of our bi-weekly newsletter! Whether you're a seasoned member or a newcomer, we're delighted to have you on board for this enriching journey. This newsletter is packed with an abundance of content and updates that we're eager to share, so we encourage you to stay with us until the very end.

As we dive into the newsletter, it's essential to take a moment to recognize the spirit of Thanksgiving. Reflecting on gratitude has been a personal evolution for many of us. In the hustle of life—navigating careers, forging new paths, and building families—the true meaning of thankfulness becomes increasingly clear. However, it's still remarkably easy to overlook the blessings we have. I invite each of you to create a personal list of things you're thankful for, whether mentally or in writing. Take a moment to vocalize and repeat it, ensuring these reflections remain at the forefront of your consciousness. If you find it challenging to identify something, keep pondering, for there's always something to be grateful for.

On a personal note, I am profoundly grateful for the privilege of serving as your community manager and engaging with you daily. The collective knowledge and experiences shared within our community have been a source of tremendous personal growth for me.

While our common thread is rooted in the world of tattooing and proper aftercare, our community has blossomed into something far more profound—a family. As long as you're a part of this community, we will always find reasons to be grateful, to strive for improvement, and to be better versions of ourselves. No matter what your holiday season looks like, know that we stand united with you.

Before delving into the updates, I want to express gratitude for your remarkable willingness to support one another. This generosity is evident not only on Discord but also in social media comments, email exchanges, and even support tickets. We appreciate not just those who answer questions but also those who courageously pose them. Your collective spirit is what makes our community truly exceptional.

Now, without further ado, let's explore the exciting updates awaiting you in this edition. Thank you for being an integral part of our vibrant community!

Commission Update 💰

Achieve a sales milestone this month, and you'll automatically qualify for a chance to win a $50 Walmart gift card. These milestones consist of your 1st sale, 10th sale, 50th sale, and 100th sale. Not only will you automatically be entered into the prize draw, but you'll also receive complimentary rewards for each milestone you reach.

Greetings and welcome to our much-anticipated Thanksgiving Commission Update! We're thrilled to spotlight the exceptional achievements of our top sellers this month, and a special shout-out to those new names gracing the list—your dedication is truly commendable!

Shoutout to our top sellers:

  • Ariana Stacey
  • Matthew Williams
  • Kaylee Williams
  • Charles Anderson
  • Aidan Tindley

To all our sellers, your hard work and commitment to excellence drive the success of our community. Whether you find yourself among the top five or not, we appreciate each sale made and the positive impact you bring.

Here's the exciting news: For the rest of the month, commission rates are boosted to 25%! Seize this opportunity, as the extra 5% adds up quickly. Take advantage now to enjoy increased commissions in the future.

And that's not all! Stick around to the end of the newsletter to discover upcoming sales. This information will help you plan your strategy, ensuring you maximize success in the coming weeks.

As we embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving, let's also revel in the warmth of the season. This holiday is more than festive decorations and delicious meals; it's an opportune time to share your love for tattoo aftercare with those close to you. Whether surrounded by family or friends, consider spreading the knowledge and passion that make our community thrive. After all, what better time to emphasize the importance of caring for your ink than when gathering with loved ones?

In our journey of growth and mutual support, let's not forget that our community is more than a network—it's a family. Your contributions, both significant and small, have a meaningful impact, and we express our gratitude to each and every one of you for being part of this collective journey. Your support through sales allows us to enjoy fun rewards like exclusive merchandise, making our shared success even more enjoyable.

Ambassador Post Highlights 🤳

This section is more than just a showcase; it's a celebration of the incredible stories and moments that you, our ambassadors, bring to our shared table of creativity. As we delve into our featured content, we're reminded of the unique perspectives and diverse experiences that collectively shape our community.

In a world where digital connections bridge gaps and create bonds, your posts serve as beacons of inspiration. They not only reflect your creativity but also resonate with the essence of gratitude. Through your lens, we witness the beauty of everyday moments, the triumphs, and the challenges, each post a testament to the shared journey we navigate together.

Your presence in this digital space is a gift, a reminder of the strength found in our collective voice. In a time where connection is more vital than ever, your posts create threads of unity, weaving a narrative of shared passion, support, and creativity.

Featured Ambassador Content:

Featured Ambassador Artist Content:

Featured Sponsored Artist Content:

This edition also invites reflection on thankfulness. Consider using your posts as a platform to express gratitude. Whether it's acknowledging the support of your followers, appreciating a collaborative effort, or simply expressing thanks for a cherished moment, let your posts carry the message of gratitude that defines the spirit of this season.

So, as you immerse yourself in this collection of posts and perhaps share your own messages of thankfulness, remember that your contributions make our ambassador family truly special. Thank you for being the storytellers of our community, weaving threads of inspiration with every post.

Ambassador of the week - This week's spotlight is on Val Galvez 🔦👀 Check out her IG here. Who’s going to be featured next week? Don’t forget to check our IG story to see if it’s you!

November Challenges 📝

Ambassadors, as we savor the final week of November, let's steep ourselves in the spirit of gratitude that defines this season. Completing challenges isn't just about unveiling your creativity and seizing the chance to win prizes; it's a heartfelt way to express thanks for the dynamic community we've fostered together.

In the essence of our ambassador family, each challenge you take on adds a touch of color, a note of innovation, and a spirit of connection. This Thanksgiving season, your active participation becomes a gesture of appreciation for the community that intertwines with your ambassadorial journey.

As we approach the holiday season, the challenges take on a deeper significance; they're opportunities to express gratitude, share joy, and contribute to the richness of our shared experiences. Mark your calendars for the challenges launching in December, each one offering a chance to infuse more elements of creativity into the spirit of our community.


  • TikTok or IG Reel | GNC Holiday Wishlist
  • TikTok or IG Reel | Walmart Hunt for Mad Rabbit
  • TikTok or IG Reel | Walmart & Vibrant Tattoos


Note: don’t live near a store? That’s okay! Find a creative way to complete the challenge to the best of your ability and note that you don’t have a store nearby when submitting.

Ambassador Challenges:

  • Recruitment Challenge (Get 10 & Win)
  • Discord | Thankful Challenge (Chance to Win $100)
  • Your Choice | Ambassador Program Love
  • IG | Add Your Code/Link to Your Bio
  • TikTok or IG Reel | What’s in your bag?

Artist Challenges:

  • TikTok or IG | Your Choice
  • TikTok or IG Reel | Mad Rabbit Lotion Love
  • TikTok or IG Reel | Soothing Gel Swipe Compilation

Sponsored Artist Challenges:

  • Your Choice
  • IG | The Mad Rabbit Difference
  • IG | Pro Glide Spotlight
  • TikTok or IG Reel | Tattoo Care Routine Reveal
  • TikTok or IG Reel | Soothing Gel Superiority

The clock is ticking on the November challenges, so don't miss the opportunity to infuse your unique flair into the collective expression of gratitude we're crafting together. Your active engagement is pivotal in shaping the spirit of our ambassador community. Thank you for being a part of this journey and expressing your thanks through creativity. Let's finish November strong and look forward to the exciting challenges ahead!


Sponsored Artist Program - Calling all licensed artists who are already rocking it as dedicated ambassadors! We're thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation for you to join our elite Sponsored Artist Program at Mad Rabbit. As a Sponsored Artist, you'll bask in the spotlight with exclusive recognition, enjoy enticing rewards, and become an integral part of our vibrant art-loving community. This is your golden ticket to elevate your artistic journey and relish in perks crafted just for you.

The secret to catching our eye? Active ambassadors who dive into challenges, embrace rewards, and contribute to our lively community. Your commitment won't go unnoticed! Apply now through the ambassador dashboard and let Mad Rabbit be your dedicated partner on the road to triumph. Have questions? Don't hesitate to reply to this email – we're here to help fuel your artistic excitement!

Upcoming sales - Get ready for a shopping spree because we've got some exclusive deals coming your way, and we wanted you, our esteemed ambassadors, to be the first to know.

  • 🌟 Thanksgiving Sale (11/21-11/26): Enjoy a generous 20% off sitewide (excluding sets) to kick off the holiday season with savings.
  • 🎉 Black Friday Sale (11/24): Dive into incredible deals, including a $12 balm and a $49 starter kit, making Black Friday the perfect time to stock up.
  • 💻 Cyber Monday Sale: Don't miss the grand finale with a spectacular 30% off sitewide (excluding sets), offering your followers unbeatable savings.

Customers are set to save big, and as ambassadors, it's the perfect moment to leverage these exclusive offers. Your audience will be enjoying significant savings, and you, as ambassadors, can also reap the rewards with an impressive 25% commission. It's a double win! Take advantage of this opportunity by incorporating product-specific links for an even more targeted approach. Happy selling!

Ambassador Dashboard Update

  • Auto Fulfillment and Tracking for Rewards: By the end of today, automatic fulfillment and tracking for sales rewards will be active, excluding Pro Glide and merch. Please note that Pro Glide and merch rewards will require manual fulfillment. It is crucial that your shipping address in your Ambassador profile is accurate, as the system will pull it for shipping. We cannot be held responsible for replacing rewards sent to an incorrect address. Once rewards are fulfilled automatically, you will receive an email with tracking information, similar to the process of ordering from our website.
  • Improved Newsletter and Social Template Layouts: We invite you to explore the enhanced layouts of our newsletter and social templates, providing a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience.
  • Consolidated Shop Categories: Take a moment to navigate through the updated and consolidated shop categories for a more streamlined and organized shopping experience.
  • New Quick Access Challenge Categories: Especially beneficial for artists, we have introduced new quick access challenge categories. Explore and enjoy the convenience of these additions to better engage with challenges.
  • Points for PayPal Redemption: We are introducing the ability to exchange your points for PayPal, making it even more convenient for you. This feature, named "The Exchange," is expected to be live by the end of the day. When you choose to redeem your points, they will be added to our weekly Wednesday payout. To ensure a smooth process, please log into the dashboard and verify that your PayPal email address is accurate. Please note that it must be an entire email address, not just your account handle. We encourage you to explore this new feature tonight after it goes live. If you're looking for the option in the dashboard, you can find it under "The Exchange."

May you be free in spirit and thought,

Noah (aka tender)

Community Manager
Mad Rabbit

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